Chapter awardees named

Chapters honor Members, Fellows and Masters of ACP who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research, or service to their community, their chapter, and ACP. Awardees have a long history of excellence and peer approval in the specialty of internal medicine. In recognition of their outstanding service, these exceptional individuals received chapter awards in November 2011:


Salma Alibhai, Arizona Chapter Student of the Year

Richard Gerkin, MD, MS, FACP, FACMT, Arizona Chapter Researcher of the Year

John Hensing, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

James F. Keane, DO, Arizona Chapter Resident of the Year

Kevin Moynahan, MD, FACP, Arizona Chapter Educator of the Year

Jyoti R. Patel, MD, FAAP, Arizona Chapter Internist of the Year

Howard Shulman, DO, FACP, FACOI, Volunteerism and Community Service

Douglas James Spegman, MD, MSPH, FACP, Arizona Chapter Leader of the Year


Robert Hopkins, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

California Northern

Harry Daniell, MD, FACP, Lifetime Achievement Award

William Jensen, MD, FACP, Distinguished Teacher/Mentor Award

Dat Lut, MD, Associate Recognition Award for Excellence in Mentorship

Puja Thakkar, DO, Associate Recognition Award for Leadership

Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP, Laureate Award

California Southern 2

Richard S. Frankenstein, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Philip M. Gold, MD, MACP, Chapter Master Teaching Award

George Sarka, MD, FACP, Chapter Master Teaching Award

California Southern 3

Stanley Amundson, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Morganna L. Freeman-Keller, DO, Gary F. Izzo Memorial Scholarship Award

R. Scott Hanson, MD, MPH, FACP, Key Contact of the Year

Stuart B. Himmelstein, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Jeffrey G. House, DO, FACP, Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Joan E. St. Onge, MD, FACP, Outstanding Teacher of the Year


David Bosshardt, MD, FACP, Volunteerism Award

Robert B. Copeland, MD, MACP, Georgia Chapter Leadership Award

Joyce Doyle, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

David Haburchak, MD, FACP, J Willis Hurst Teaching Award

Vincent Nicolais, MD, FACP, Mark Silverman, MD, MACP Award

Illinois Northern

Joan C. Mullan, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Illinois Downstate

Robert D. Palinkas, MD, Laureate Award


Thomas D. Devine, MD, FACP, Governor's Award

Thomas F. Imperiale, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Lee McKinley, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Bradley M. Sutter, MD, FACP, Governor's Award


Nancy S. Nowlin, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Jeremiah H. Brooks, III, MD, Laureate Award


Richard M. Engel, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Michael Barnes, MD, FACP, Raymond H. Murray Governor's Award

Francis Dumler, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Leonard Johnson, MD, FACP, Raymond H. Murray Governor's Award

Mark McQuillan, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

John Penner, MD, FACP, Great Internist of Michigan Award

Ernie Yoder, MD, PhD, MACP, Lifetime Achievement Award

Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD, FACP, Volunteerism and Community Service


Bradley Benson, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Thomas G. McLeod, MD, FACP, Community Volunteer Award


David A. Fleming, MD, MA, FACP, Laureate Award


Susan J. Effertz, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Michael T. Herring, MD, FACP, Outstanding Teaching Award

New Mexico

Diana D. Noya, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Ralph A. Giannella, MD, FACP, James S. Tan, MD, MACP Laureate Award

Frank C. von Maluski, MD, FACP, James S. Tan, MD, MACP Laureate Award

Thomas P. Marnejon, DO, FACP, Evelyn V. Hess, MD, MACP Master Teacher Award


S.A. Dean Drooby, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

South Carolina

Dawn Clancy, MD, FACP, MSCR, Laureate Award

Shakaib Rehman, MD, FACP, FAACJ, James McFarland Award

Paul M. Richardson, Jr., MD, RPh, FACP, Young Physician Award


Clifton Cleaveland, MD, MACP, Volunteerism Award

Mukta Panda, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

U.S. Air Force

Col. (ret) William T. Browne, MD, FCCM, FACP, FCCP, Major General Malcolm C. Grow Memorial Lecture

Maj. Matthew Hann, MC, USAF, Major General Archie Hoffman Award

Capt. Donald J Martin, MC, USAF, MD, FACP, Major General Archie Hoffman Award

Lt.Col. (Ret) Tom Sauerwein, MD, FACP, Col Philip G. Keil Memorial Lecture

Richard E. Winn, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

U.S. Navy

Christine S. Hunter, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Douglas L. Smith, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

West Virginia

John Thomas Dorsey, III, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Joan F. Addington-White, MD, FACP, Helen Dickie Woman Physician of the Year

Vijay H. Aswani, MD, Volunteerism & Community Service Award

Sharon L. Haase, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Andrew C. Kim, MD, FACP, Community Based Physician & Mentor

Julie L. Mitchell, MD, FACP, Distinguished Internist of the Year

Richard E. Rieselbach, MD, MACP, Addis Costello Internist of the Year

Kimberly M. Stoner, MD, Young Internist of the Year