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ACP Internist Supplements

Chronic Pain Management: An Appropriate Use of Opioid AnalgesicsInternist Extra: Chronic Pain Management: An Appropriate Use of Opioid Analgesics.
January '08
(Also, go to the pocket card guide and additional charts)


Observer Extra: Peripheral arterial diseaseObserver Extra: Peripheral arterial disease
The latest prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic strategies.
June '07


Observer Extra: Herpes ZosterObserver Extra: Herpes Zoster:
An internist's guide to preventing, diagnosing and treating herpes zoster.
March '07


Observer Extra: DepressionObserver Extra: Depression:
An internist's guide to screening, diagnosing and treating clinical depression.
Dec '06


Observer Extra: Medical management following myocardial infarctionObserver Extra: Medical management following myocardial infarction
The latest evaluation, management and treatment strategies.
Dec '06



Pain Management for the InternistPain Management for the Internist
Assessment, Treatment, Follow-Up
Dec '04



ACP Bioterrorism Resource GuideACP Bioterrorism Resource Guide
Diagnosing, treating and containing category A pathogens: anthrax, botulism, plague, smallpox, tularemia and viral hemorrhagic fever.
May '04


Additional Materials

Where Do I Begin? Living with Type 2 Diabetes
Produced by the American Diabetes Association
April '11


Clinical Information Quick Links

Annals Virtual Patients Series 1-4 Available

Annals Virtual Patient series 1-4 available

Annals Virtual Patients is a unique online patient simulator that helps you learn while you earn CME Credit and MOC Points.
Start your journey now.


ACP keeps you on target to earn MOC Points

ACP keeps you on target to earn MOC Points

December 2015 is the deadline for most internists participating in ABIM MOC to earn some MOC points. Review our stimulating and rewarding options.

  • Prepare for the ABIM Certification Exam with ACP Internal Medicine Board Review.

  • Earn CME Credits through attending live meetings, working online, or watching course recordings on your own schedule.

  • ACP Depression Care Guide provides physicians with team-based practices for screening, diagnosis, and management of depression in primary care settings.