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Differentiating ‘dizziness' and vertigo

Dr. Reyes-Iglesias agreed. “Do a careful history and exam. Isolated vertigo is rare in stroke. ... If the patient experiences vertigo or nystagmus, the patient most likely has BPPV.
January 2017

Vertigo, or how I diagnosed myself at Internal Medicine 2012

Vertigo, or how I diagnosed myself at Internal Medicine 2012. Have you ever felt inexplicably dizzy? ... The next most common causes of vertigo are migraine-associated vertigo, vestibular neuronitis and Meniere's disease.
July 2020

On delivering bad news

The patient is terrified by the vertigo and has never heard of anything like this. ... Is it a stroke? Is it a brain tumor? For the patient, it's the first time he's had vertigo.
July 2020

A woman with severe vertigo with nausea, vomiting, tinnitus

A. Acephalgic migraine. B. Ménière's disease. C. Acoustic neuroma. D. Benign positional vertigo. ... E. Vestibular neuritis. Ménière's disease is the most common cause of recurrent, disabling attacks of vertigo.
March 2009

Stroke 2009: Young and dismissed

They were told they were having vertigo, or migraine, or alcohol intoxication, but were later found to have had a stroke.
July 2020

Homeopathy: Why is fraud legal?

I've recently heard commercials for homeopathic vertigo treatments, eye drops for allergies, irritable bowel, and spider veins on legs.
July 2020

Diagnosing dizziness

I've recently been introduced to the work of Dr. Martin Samuels and his approach to vertigo and dizziness. ... Vertigo can be from peripheral-cochlear disease, peripheral-retrocochlear disease, or central disease.
July 2020

Managing ENT problems in primary care

Schwartz said. For most patients with vertigo, symptoms are isolated and short-lived, and no management is needed, Dr. ... Meclizine is often prescribed, but there is no formal recommendation for this treatment of vertigo, Dr.
November 2017

QD: News Every Day--One in ten prescriptions are off-label, despite lack of evidence

More specifically, nocturnal leg pain and benign positional vertigo were treated 100% of the time off-label.
July 2020

Vigilance needed to combat osteoporosis

This issue covers such topics as osteoporosis, nutrition, vertigo, and opioids and medical education.
January 2017

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