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Report on nurses' scope of practice requires clarification

How this report changes scope of practice issues and nurses' interactions with physicians will affect the team-based approach sought from new health care models. ... The most controversial provisions of the report suggest that states' scope-of-practice
February 2011

Birds of a feather

While the "official" scope of practice of chiropractors is a bit vague, it's hard to believe it includes "Hashimoto's Disease" and "Blood Sugar Imbalances." It's no secret that ... and "everything else," but also speaks to the day-to-day practice of
March 2021

QD: News Every Day--Nurses tapped for more training, bigger role in health care

Once trained, scope of practice limits should be lifted, the report stated, as well as insurance and regulatory hurdles, so that the health system can reap the full benefit. ... Scope of practice barriers are particularly problematic for advanced
March 2021

Measles vaccination: a response from Dr. Bob Sears

opinion, failing to provide vaccines in a practice is not the same as “do no harm.” It's simply a more narrow scope of practice. ... I can't simply say, “Yeah, I treat heart disease but aspirin is outside my scope of practice.” That would be
March 2021

QD: News Every Day--Who do you think you're calling 'doctor'?

QD: News Every Day--Who do you think you're calling 'doctor'? In Louisiana, physician assistants are fighting proposed limits to their scope of practice, as the state medical board made ... That changed in 2004 when a doctorate replaced the bachelor's
March 2021

Not all 'doctors' are physicians

advocate for a full, broad scope of practice for Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNP) as a ‘cathopathic physician’ completely equal in every way to our MD and DO counterparts.”. ... health professionals, including advanced practice nurses, into a more
March 2021

Internists interacting with retail clinics

State scope-of-practice regulations determine which conditions clinicians practicing at retail clinics are allowed to treat. ... Nash. “They make mistakes. So do primary care doctors, but I think as long as they stay within the scope of practice, we're
February 2016

QD: News Every Day--'Dr. Nurse' will see you now

QD: News Every Day--'Dr. Nurse' will see you now. Nurse practitioners are demanding a wider scope of practice and even to be called "doctor" if they have a doctorate. ... Blog Log. Members of the American College of Physicians contribute posts from their
March 2021

Hire NPs, PAs to boost revenue, accessibility

For more details about the training, supervision and scope of practice of NPs and PAs, as well as billing for their services, see the newly revised Center for Practice Improvement and ... ACP has a policy paper that goes into greater depth regarding NPs'
April 2010

What's new in ACP Hospitalist

ACP Hospitalist is distributed free of charge to individuals involved in hospital medicine. ... A Randomized Trial. The Geographic Distribution, Ownership, Prices, and Scope of Practice at Retail Clinics.
September 2009

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