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Post-war, vets face new battle with PTSD

Experiencing a concussion during combat increases the risk of PTSD or depression, too. ... Drug combinations. The alpha-blocker prazosin may help stem nightmares in PTSD sufferers, Dr.
September 2008

New 9/11 PTSD estimates

New 9/11 PTSD estimates. September 11-linked asthma has gotten a fair amount of press, but here's something that hasn't: PTSD. ... common. And, unfortunately, PTSD itself is a lot more common than most people know.
November 2021

Screening for PTSD after life-threatening medical events

There is an association between implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) and PTSD, as well. ... Bhatt. “The distinction between PTSD and the usual kinds of reactions can be subtle.
November 2015

How the VA can help our female veterans

joint disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mild depression, musculoskeletal disorders, adjustment disorders, skin disorders, major depression, ear and sense organ disorders and reproductive health disorders," said Dr. ... Among military
November 2021

Simply difficult

She had the diagnosis of PTSD on her problem list, along with hospitalizations for “stress,” but I never asked beyond that.
November 2021

Retrospethics [Updated.]

A few weeks ago I wrote about dubious medical research from the 1950s involving prostate biopsies on skid row alcoholics. The research had ...
November 2021

The challenge of 'evidence based' sore throat guidelines

The ICU stay can cause PTSD and generalized anxiety. Could we potentially prevent this disease?
November 2021

Alcohol use and PTSD in veterans

Alcohol use and PTSD in veterans. A new JAMA study says that reservists returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are at increased risk of heavy drinking and binge drinking. ... We'll discuss what internists can do to spot and treat soldiers with PTSD in the
November 2021

Follow up on 1991 Gulf War veterans

The measures were functional impairment, limitation of activities, repeated clinic visits, recurrent hospitalization, perception of health as fair or poor, chronic fatigue syndrome illness and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ... But previous
November 2021

Letters to the Editor

men, also has a risk of being raped, a significant cause of PTSD. ... Jean E. Howard, FACP. Address withheld by request. I read your article entitled “Post-war, vets face new battle with PTSD.” This is certainly an extremely important problem, and I
November 2008

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