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Undiagnosed diseases program tries to crack the tough cases

More commonly, they are able to shed some inaccurate diagnoses that have been attached to them along the way. ... Patients often come with 10 diagnoses, not one big mystery. Doctors want to put a label on conditions, and insurance encourages that,”
May 2012

Why computers can never replace physicians as diagnosticians

Why computers can never replace physicians as diagnosticians. As I wrote recently, a good friend asked me the question: Why not use computers to make difficult diagnoses? ... We have to train ourselves to keep thinking and remain skeptical about our
November 2021

Some thoughts on diagnostic errors

6. Allow the responsible physician to delete incorrect diagnoses from the medical record. ... 1. Many difficult diagnoses require time to think. Unfortunately, our payment system does not encourage spending more time on the diagnostic process.
November 2021

Abandon primary care for 'Advanced Care Medicine'

economic circumstances; relishing the challenge of making the difficult diagnoses, and managing the complex medical disorders that so often break from the designated norm; and treating guidelines as just that, as ... least 20% of their patients will
November 2021

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