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Managing the elderly with cardiovascular disease | ACP Internist

As patients are living longer, they're seeking more care for their cardiovascular diseases, as well as the accompanying comorbities such as diabetes. Effective therapy works in the older population, say the experts.

ACP Internist

The latest news, ideas and trends in internal medicine.

Updated guideline on cholesterol management focuses on detailed risk assessment | ACP Internist Weekly | ACP Internist

The guideline from the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association recommends that physicians talk to patients about risk-enhancing factors that can help provide a more personalized risk assessment, in addition to such traditional risk

QD: News Every Day--Hysterectomies may not increase cardiovascular disease risk : ACP Internist

Primary care physicians can assure women that the possibility of a hysterectomy doesn't necessarily lead to a higher risk of heart disease. ...

QD: News Every Day--Chocolate's good effect is also its bad effect : ACP Internist

Eating a lot of chocolate was associated with a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 29% reduction in stroke compared eating less, ...

Regulating salt : ACP Internist

On Wednesdays I like to go to McDonald's for lunch. This Wednesday, as usual, I ordered a double cheeseburger meal. With medium fries and a ...

Another guideline problem involves inaccurate CV risk estimation : ACP Internist

When the recent lipid primary prevention guideline released in 2013, I was deemed at “high risk” for cardiovascular disease. This article, “...

Points to consider in palliative care | Internal Medicine Meeting 2018 News | ACP Internist

An integrated model of curative and palliative care focuses on control of distressful symptoms at the time of diagnosis, and then continues through until death.

'How can I raise my HDL?' : ACP Internist

"How can I raise my HDL?" I have often been asked this question during my years of practice. Lifestyle strategies include smoking cessation,...

The last nail in the coffin for multivitamins : ACP Internist

How much money would the U.S. auto industry be making if every car they sold never started? How much could video game console makers charge ...

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