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Sports internists treat players as patients | ACP Internist

These internists turned their own athletic pursuits into careers for professional sports teams, treating high-caliber athletes as they practice and play. When working the sidelines, it's just another day not at the office.
October 2011

First FDA-approved app : ACP Internist

There has been a mini-media splash here in Tulsa over a locally based startup that's truly innovative. Sway Medical has come up with an app...
April 2019

Ruptured plantar fascia : ACP Internist

Many people have experienced plantar fasciitis. It is a painful bottom (plantar surface) of the foot that often comes on after athletic exer...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Minimum exercise levels may not be enough to prevent weight gain : ACP Internist

Minimum exercise recommendations meant to prevent some chronic illnesses may not be enough to prevent weight gain, a study found. Adults sho...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Fit doctors more likely to prescribe exercise : ACP Internist

Active, healthy medical students are more likely to prescribe physical activity to patients, according to research presented at a meeting of...
April 2019

More thoughts on high value, cost conscious care : ACP Internist

Apparently my post hit an important nerve. First my point about subspecialists should not be generalized to all subspecialists or the idea ...
April 2019

Heart disease is not hypothetical : ACP Internist

A new commentary just published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine contends that saturated fat is uninvolved in coronary artery dise...
April 2019

Concussions cause cognitive concerns | ACP Internist

Traumatic brain injury accounts for three million ED visits a year and at least another three to six million visits for outpatient medical care several days after the injury, without an ED visit.
February 2019

Medical skepticism goes to summer camp : ACP Internist

GlassHospital has trekked up to the White Mountains in the 'Live Free or Die' state of New Hampshire, where the air is pure and the Wi-Fi is...
April 2019

Faster relief of tennis elbow treatment meant return to physical activity too early : ACP Internist

New information has come out on what works and what doesn't work for lateral epicondylitis, aka tennis elbow. A new study published in the J...
April 2019

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