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Electronic medical records have yet to fulfill their potential

Rather than being easier to read and navigate, encounter documents are longer, filled with extraneous information, and often lack the key elements of the physician's thoughts behind the assessment and
October 2011

Coffee, cancer, and clouded judgment

our lives and life to our years, and nurture the well-being of this (heretofore) beautiful planet into the bargain. ... By way of analogy, running and walking shoes might come with warning labels on their boxes about the risks of being hit by a car.
September 2020

Following the rules when it's not 'your' patient

a patient's well-being be trusted to decide the best therapy for a patient?
September 2020

The miners' tale: A story of health care delivered

second--what's even more awesome--is that people around the world cared so much about the miners' well-being. ... group of 33 patients with a guarded prognosis, and do whatever it takes to make them well using existent technology and medicines?
September 2020

Let's eat right for success and popularity

Weight control is a bore as well as an elusive and vain pursuit; just as all the studies attest, you’ve always gained back everything you lost after a year has ... But if you frequent the natural medicine web sites, including WebMD, you will find
September 2020

A lesson on mental illness care: connecting two tragedies

It came as a shock, though admittedly during the brief time that I doctored Mark I had been very concerned about his well-being.
September 2020

Minding your second favorite organ

By and large, Alzheimer's is a vascular disease. By and large, the practices that prevent cardiovascular disease, eating well, being active, avoiding tobacco, slash the risk of Alzheimer's. ... Eating well is as important to the brain as it is to the
September 2020

The rights and wrongs of child plastic surgery

The writing experts all seemed to agree, too, that no argument about messing with nature or Ashley's sovereignty could outweigh the expected positive effects on her and her parents' ... being. Makes deciding whether to let your 17-year-old get a nose job
September 2020

Get jazzed up for Internal Medicine Meeting 2018

Internal Medicine Meeting 2018 offers a fresh perspective on creating happy and healthy internists, including a focus on physician well-being as part of the scientific program and a wellness-focused ... In addition to launching its Physician Well-being &
March 2018

Should doctors treat their patients like customers?

well-being, knowing they can sue if he makes a mistake, and knowing they owe that person, ultimately, nothing. ... We strove for excellence for them, as well as for our own material success.
September 2020

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