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Pollution hurts health, may pose pandemic risk

When relevant, physicians should educate patients about the role that air pollution can play in their health, said Emily Senay, MD, MPH, an assistant professor of environmental medicine and public health ... Another physician-centered group, the Medical
September 2021

After the election, a time for reflection

Fixing tort reform with no-fault health courts and safe harbors for following evidence-based practice guidelines. ... I think these are issues that involve the doctor-patient relationship and public health.
January 2017

Courage, sacrifice, and internal medicine—a year in review

We are master diagnosticians in addition to practicing disease prevention and population health. ... Perhaps you could run for federal, state, or local office, or set public health policy at the state and national level.
April 2017

Guidance limited for treating acute pain

Even so, doctors should guard against becoming totally “opioid phobic” amid public health and other pressures, including the proliferation of state prescribing laws, said Daniel Alford, MD, FACP, a professor of ... an elbow sprain, or sudden knee
February 2018

Editor's Note: Small-practice series highlights day-to-day struggles

Add to that the challenges unique to medicine, such as proper storage of vaccines, protecting patient privacy, and the paperwork involved in billing a network of public and private insurers, and ... Of course, physicians in small practice must juggle
June 2008

Integrating oral health into primary care

Haber, who led a March 2015 study in the American Journal of Public Health describing the HEENOT approach (adding “O” for oral health). ... To assist low-income patients, Dr. Testa recommends developing a network of community-level resources,
November 2021

Member spotlight

She was a regent from 1999-2005. He husband, Richard Schuster, FACP, accepted a faculty appointment as a Professor in the new College of Public Health at the University of Georgia ... to develop a Center for Global Health Systems, Management, and Policy.
November 2008

MERS: a primer

The patient is a health care worker who flew from Saudi Arabia to Chicago (via London), and then traveled by bus to Indiana, where he is currently hospitalized. ... In the US, all testing is performed by public health laboratories. •
November 2021

Chewing the fat, again

He is a board certified specialist in both Internal Medicine, and Preventive Medicine/Public Health, and Associate Professor (adjunct) in Public Health Practice at the Yale University School of Medicine. ... president of the non-profit Turn the Tide
November 2021

On beyond Zika

That same tendency, the neglect of public health until we have cause to think about panic, outrage, or both, is on display in Flint, Mich. ... president of the non-profit Turn the Tide Foundation; and formerly the Director of Medical Studies in Public
November 2021

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