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Look for reasons if patients refuse advice

Dizon, MD, FACP, director of the Oncology Sexual Health Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. ... Magnus. “Sometimes it's up to the state,” he said. “For example, with things like tuberculosis, public health officials are authorized
February 2014

Letters to the Editor

Unfortunately, these kinds of misrepresentations are common. Many medical and public health researchers refuse to venture beyond uncritical reiteration of Cuban government health data in their analyses. ... These are obviously pressing problems that
November 2010

International Forum focuses on social determinants of health

In contrast, U.S. expenditures in public health and prevention are more modest than other countries where investment may be more impactful. ... Integration with public health can include a more robust partnership in didactic and experiential learning.
January 2019

Internists can help with alcohol misuse

Saitz, a professor at Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health and a member of its Clinical Addiction Research & Education (CARE) Unit. ... 65)? This approach works if a clinician asks the patient out loud or even on a previsit health
October 2015

Successful bariatric surgery requires planning, prep

Read more on ways to determine whether concerns about environment, finances, or safety could be derailing patients' efforts at staying healthy, as well as some public health initiatives that could help. ... Speaking of public health, hepatitis C virus
January 2016

Firearm-related injuries, deaths in Charleston and beyond

They are more deadly to many communities than HIV/AIDS, motor vehicle fatalities, and other public health threats that are more often recognized as such. ... can build on our important work to address firearm-related injuries and deaths as the public
October 2015

Feeding nutrition into your practice

Katz and published in Annual Review of Public Health. “This notion that we can't agree about the fundamentals of good nutrition is belied by the peer-reviewed evidence,” Dr. ... The National Institutes of Health provides patient handouts, online food
January 2017

Shared visits improve access, productivity and satisfaction

disease self-management skills, and he wanted to integrate the help and support of other patients (plus a multidisciplinary care delivery team) into his health care. ... The larger health care systems did them first, followed by mid-sized systems, the VA
October 2009

Primary care takes on opioid addiction

Fiellin, MD, professor of medicine, emergency medicine, and public health at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn. ... It was really physicians and the house of medicine responding to a public health crisis and stepping up to offer treatment and to
October 2017

ACP's vision for U.S. health care, 20 months later

Finally, ACP advocated that public health be informed by science and not politicized. ... The Biden administration and Congress have taken important steps to restore confidence in science and in public health and to mitigate the health impacts of climate
September 2021

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