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Measles: Back to the future of public health

If measles does make a meaningful comeback, it would imply public health is sliding back as we head into the future. ... Otherwise, we may well go back, instead of forward, to the future of public health, and pay, quite literally, with some of our lives.
November 2021

Public health and the illusion of your autonomy: Kill the umpire?

I won't speak for my friends and colleagues in public health, although I suspect they feel the same; I'll just speak for myself. ... We needn't wade into the weeds about scruples, but let's acknowledge the resource inequity in public health.
November 2021

Warnings on power cords, asthma drugs, diabetes supplies

A public health notification that GDH-PQQ test strips do not distinguish between types of sugars and may falsely indicate hyperglycemia in patients eating products containing non-glucose sugars such as ... A public health alert on potential dosing errors
November 2009


Public Health Service tropical medicine fellowship Duke's International Center for Medical Research and Training in San Jose, Costa Rica. ... After retiring from his medical practice, he continued to work in public health as a visiting professor to the
March 2020

Former EVP/CEO reflects on his tenure at the College

We've become more involved internationally, and we also have become much more involved in those public health issues that affect individuals but also have broader societal impact, such as firearms ... violence. We've also become much more interested in
November 2016

Safe prescribing can lessen overdose risk

We've got this wrong for so long and at great cost to public health,’” said G. ... Medicine in New York and the lead author on the American Journal of Public Health study.
October 2016

Scribes: A write way and a wrong way

Illustration by David Cutler. Dr. Kamnetz, who worked with a scribe as part of a pilot project at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison, said ... Kamnetz, vice chair for clinical care in the department of family
February 2012

Experts debate pros, cons of vitamin D

That's in addition to the better-known effects of vitamin D on bone health. ... We're talking about people going to tanning booths.”. Dr. Atkinson agreed that the public health message on vitamin D and sun exposure needs refinement.
November 2009

Frustrations with EHRs rampant as development slows

The EHR has to fulfill multiple data demands: for payers, for public health, and for documenting “meaningful use” of the EHR in order to receive incentive payments and avoid penalties, said ... NextGen Healthcare and vice chair of the Electronic
May 2015

Freedom versus control in a private vs. public health care system

Freedom versus control in a private vs. public health care system. ... city. The system Down Under is an interesting mix of both public and private health care, but still with a solid government-run backbone for people who really can't afford
November 2021

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