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QD: News Every Day--What smartphone are you using?

But one early adopter, Rob Lamberts, ACP Member, cautions that while the new technology can help, it isn't yet..
November 2021

The long arm of your chromosomes and the law

reach of this new crop of offerings has raised the interest of both state and federal regulatory bodies. ... The core questions confronting DTC genetic testing are not new to medicine, nor even genetics/genomics: first, when is a new technology ready for
November 2021

Is self-monitoring of blood glucose still needed for diabetes?

Chamberlain noted. “I don't think anyone will stop doing that.”. A new wave of technology is still making its way, slowly but surely, to the doctor's office and could ... In the meantime, while new technology develops, most physicians and patients
October 2017

Quantified self

Other participants were creating new technologies to make tracking and data sharing and analysis easier. ... I came away amazed at how much human biology is still poorly described and even more poorly understood, excited about the potential of new
November 2021

Crowdsourcing CPR

Second, it triggered a bit of a “why didn't I think of that” response, since there was no new technology used, just a clever repurposing of what we all have ... He is married with two daughters and enjoys cars, reading biographies and histories, and
November 2021

Dr. Nobody

was still fairly new when we went over to it.
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Breast cancer guideline didn't diminish use of radiation for elderly women

Reimbursement may influence physicians to continue old habits, and also, the "shiny new toy" theory may hold, in which randomized controlled trials are more likely to influence physicians if they introduce ... a new technology, rather than take one away.
November 2021

Personalized medicine is the future

A new era, however, is upon us. What will be the fate of my beloved colonoscopies or heart catheterizations or blood draws or biopsies of tissues? ... Patients may be able to use their phones or some other device to do a CAT scan (or whatever technology
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Tattoos evolve from art into medicine

Clunky medical monitoring devices may one day no longer be needed, as scientists hone in on smaller and more elastic materials that would st...
November 2021

CPOE is the mobile app we need in health care

Why, in a world of seamless technology including our smartphones, does this occur every day across America? ... Simple, seamless, and quick. If there's anyone from the world of IT out there reading this, who truly wants to design new technology that
November 2021

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