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Beware, convention attendees.

The recession has hit hotels hard and they seem to have hit back by finding sleazy new ways to charge more. Two recent examples from my conv...
November 2021

Internal medicine looks ahead This issue addresses ACP's virtual meeting for student members, advances in heart failure comanagement, and conference coverage. ... Our conference coverage is from Digestive
July 2021

Managing the 1-star review on physician ranking sites

A newly graduated hospitalist recounted how someone posted to every online physician ranking service—there are dozens—and gave her a 1-star ...
November 2021

Is CPAP all it's cracked up to be?

The New England Journal of Medicine has offered tough news for sleep experts lately. First the SERVE-HF trial ruined ASV, now the SAVE tria...
November 2021

CONFERENCE COVERAGE July/August 2014 ACP Internist 13 When you ...

CONFERENCE COVERAGE. July/August 2014 ACP Internist 13. When you hear about improvingdoor-to-treatment time, youprobably think of stroke or car-diac care, but experts in central nervous sys-tem
June 2014

What do you take home from medical conferences?

I went to this conference strictly to learn. It was simply wonderful to do so. ... What other "informal curriculum" things get you jazzed up, and how can conference organizers effectively capture that for other attendees?
November 2021

Aspirin's use, effectiveness debated This issue covers topics including aspirin's role in cardiovascular health, conference coverage for palliative care, and the growth of free clinics in ... Experts who spoke at the conference offered
May 2015

Digestive Disease Week: Colorectal cancer detection

Digestive Disease Week is underway in Chicago this week, and our correspondent Paula Katz will be dispatching news from the meeting over the...
November 2021

Internists play important role in diagnosing, treating MS A round-up of this issue's articles on multiple sclerosis; conference coverage from Digestive Disease Week; our latest columns.
September 2009

Taking stock of telemedicine This issue also covers intimate partner violence, narrative medicine, and conference coverage from two medical society meetings. ... Our conference coverage this issue is from
October 2020

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