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Is all saturated fat the same?

Keys, a researcher looking at cardiovascular disease in the 1950s, wasn't the only one with concerns about an excess of dietary fat, but he was among the earliest and most ... I consider the evidence strong that palmitic and myristic acids, two of the
September 2020

Dead people don't get bronchitis, or antibiotic resistance

of risk for cardiovascular disease had an estimated 245 additional cardiovascular deaths per 1 million courses. ... courses of azithromycin therapy; for patients with the highest decile of baseline risk of cardiovascular disease, there were 245
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--Health care reform scarce in presidential address

Primary care shortage. Dentists want to screen their patients for cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. ... More than three-quarters of nearly 2,000 dentists surveyed thought it was important for them to screen for hypertension,
September 2020

News from JUPITER (and New Orleans)

The patients had no history of cardiovascular disease, though some had risk factors like hypertension, obesity and smoking.
September 2020

Puzzling past paradox to PURE understanding

Three PURE study papers were just published in the same issue of The Lancet, one reporting health outcomes (cardiovascular disease, non-cardiovascular disease, and mortality) associated with intake of vegetables, fruits, ... Non-cardiovascular mortality
September 2020

New BP guideline seeks earlier intervention

Dr. Whelton, in turn, noted that the 2017 ACC/AHA guideline does not recommend antihypertensive drug therapy in adults with stage 1 hypertension who are at low risk for cardiovascular disease ... Antihypertensive drug therapy is recommended, in addition
March 2018

New Alzheimer's guidelines emphasize early detection, frightening some

They portray Alzheimer's for the first time as a three-stage disease. ... These principles underlie treatment strategies for myriad medical conditions ranging from cancer to cardiovascular disease.
September 2020

Setting a course for food as medicine

the science of medicine to create restaurant-quality meals that help to prevent and treat disease,” he said. ... Hauser, who is also a postdoctoral research fellow in cardiovascular disease prevention at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.
June 2018

QD: News Every Day--Disaster planning sparse in U.S. facilities

It's time to plan for the next natural disaster. In its next poll, ACP Internist ties into its October cover story on managing cardiovascular disease in the elderly by asking
September 2020

Mental health needs integration into the primary care setting

Psychiatric disorders were the most expensive conditions to treat among Medicaid beneficiaries, but also the most common when combined with cardiovascular disease.
September 2020

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