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Alliance adopts a uniform set of clinical pay-for-performance measures
The measurement set could be incorporated into nationwide pay-for-performance programs by next year. (June 2005)




Chapter Awardees announced

In recognition of their outstanding service, exceptional individuals received chapter awards in the fall and winter 2010-2011. More

John Tooker, FACP, named one of health care’s 100 most powerful

ACP Executive Vice President and CEO John Tooker, FACP, MBA, has been named one of Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare.” As the health care debate has gained momentum, Dr. Tooker has increased commitments to national forums, including congressional hearings and legislator panels, to ensure that the views of internists are heard. More

ACP Internist, ACP Hospitalist garner top awards

ACP Internist and ACP Hospitalist have been honored with two national editorial awards from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors. More

Announcing the 2009 ACP National Abstract Winners

This year’s 2009 National Associates and Medical Students Abstract Competitions at Internal Medicine 2009 showcased more than 300 Associates and 80 medical students who presented their displays to a team of judges for review. More

Nominate your heroes, mentors, and colleagues for ACP awards and masterships
February '08




Call for Fall 2008 Board of Governors Resolutions
February '08

College to change bylaws at Annual Session (March 2002)

Bylaws changes for adoption at Annual Session 2001 (February 2001)





1945-1954: ACP and other organizations find their niches

By Stacey Butterfield

ACP's fourth decade started with the restoration of pre-World War II programs that had been suspended, as well as struggles with more philosophical issues.


1955-1964: ACP becomes cosmopolitan

By Stacey Butterfield

ACP's fourth decade was a time of internationalism and glamour.


Founding ABIM, fighting World War II: ACP from 1935-1945

By Stacey Butterfield

ACP's third decade began with the founding of a certifying body for internal medicine, with written and clinical exams starting in 1936. The protests began soon thereafter. It wasn't the only war fought within the next 10 years.


ACP history: Moving to Philly, dealing with the Depression

By Stacey Butterfield

ACP's second decade saw upheaval, multiple moves, and a reluctant president accepting the office. Then, the Great Depression struck.


ACP begins: College history from 1915 to 1924

This is the first in a series of articles about ACP's history that will be published in 2015 to mark the College's centennial year.



Chapter Meetings











Clinical guidelines

A look at ACP's guideline on managing chronic angina
New algorithms can help you evaluate suspected cases, choose the right diagnostic test and stratify patient risk. (September 2004)

College urges vaccinations for the frail and elderly (December 2000)

End-of-life care panel publishes new papers (June 1999)

A look at the College's effort to examine 'best practices' (May 1999)




College news briefs

College News
May ’08

College News
April ’08

Chapters laureates, award winners. (May 2007)

How the election of College leaders works. (November 2006)

ACP's Annual Session gets name change. (July-August 2006)

ACP helps host update in quality, PFP. (July-August 2006)

Recruit-a-Colleague winner to receive free trip to Internal Medicine 2007. (June 2006)

ACP calls for changes in Part B drug-buying program. (March 2006)

PAC completes its first full year. (March 2006)

ACP leaders present physician statements on Capitol Hill. (December 2005)

College recommends tighter control of DTC advertising. (December 2005)

ACP's MLE wins first place-place award. (January-February 2005)

Course to help internists diagnose problem drinking. (December 2004)

5K Fun Run raises $15,000 for local clinic. (June 2004)

College seeks clarification of CMS' quality improvement program. (March 2004)

ACP: Mental health benefits need parity with other health insurance. (March 2004)

College supports bill to reduce taxes on student loans. (March 2004)




College products: books

New DVD, guidebook helps patients manage migraines. (July-August 2006)

New book presents medical side of menstrual disorders
ACP's latest edition to its Women's Health series gives internists the information they need to treat these problems. (April 2006)

ACP Expert Guides series features new rheumatology book. (April 2005)

Newly revised book gives meanings behind medical terms. (December 2003)

New publication puts the best of Annual Session in one book. (June 2003)

New College book provides help with cross-cultural medicine (March 2003)

Osler quotes, musculoskeletal exam focus of two new books from College (February 2003)

College releases new books on wide range of topics (May 2002)

Two new books explore obesity, end-of-life care (September 2001)

College members can buy books online at a discount (May 2001)




College products: CME

College issues new hospital medicine recertification module. (March 2006)

ACP course can help internists diagnose problem drinking. (October 2004)

How small changes can bring big rewards in diabetes care.
When it comes to incorporating evidence into daily practice, physicians admit there may be a gap between best practices and the care they can provide. (September 2004)

ACP board review course available on audio and video. (December 2003)

New College courses can help complete recertification
One-day classes can save you time by helping you finish self-evaluation modules in a group setting. (October 2003)

Preparing for recertification? The College can help. (July-August 2003)

Annual Session reports available online. (May 2003)

Buy MKSAP for Students for new low price of $20 (April 2003)

MKSAP 12 adds 50 new topics with electronic Update
College takes steps to keep MKSAP 12 current. (October 2002)

College now provides online CME transcript (July-August 2002)

Coming soon to a chapter near you: patient safety CME courses (January 2002)




College products: computer tools

From charts to computers. (December 2006)

Save 25% on Update recordings from ACP's 2005 Annual Session. (January-February 2006)

ACP debuts new Web site on quality improvement. (October 2005)

College launches end-of-life care site. (May 2005)

ACP creates site for recertification resources. (November 2004)

Internists can put the power of PIER in their pocket
ACP's decision-support tool is about to make the jump to handheld computers. (October 2003)

PIER adds 11 new modules to clinical decision-support tool (March 2003)

Discounts for College members on handheld computers, software (September 2002)

College releases electronic curriculum guide (July-August 2002)

Book on drugs in renal failure available for handheld computers (February 2002)

Need a quick consult? Try this new College product
A new Web product called PIER will provide evidence-based recommendations to help guide internists through perplexing clinical problems. (March 2002)




College products: miscellaneous

ACP Hospitalist looks at job hunting in a down economy

What’s new in ACP Hospitalist and other College publications. More

What's new in other publications from the American College of Physicians

ACP introduces a new book, "How to Write, Publish and Present in the health Sciences," as well as six Webcasts from Internal Medicine 2009. More

ACP Highlights
What's new in other College publications. More

ACP Highlights
What’s new in other College publications. More

ACP Highlights
What’s new in other College publications
September ’08

White House lauds ACP Master for work on AIDS
What's new from other areas of The College's Medical Knowledge and Education offerings. More

ACP Highlights
ACP Doctor’s Dilemma™ comes to mobile devices
June ’08

ACP Highlights
A look at ACP Journal Club Plus, an electronic digest of customizable alerts.
May '08

ACP Highlights
A new feature outlines the College’s latest offerings from other publications.
April ’08

ACP's diabetes initiative posts impressive gains. (May 2006)

New MKSAP for Students 3 offers clerkship help. (April 2006)

New College guide helps practices with waived lab testing. (April 2006)

New HIV patient education video now free to College members. (March 2006)

New free ACP video helps asthma patients. (March 2006)

ACP to launch new practice innovation center. (December 2005)

New heart disease DVD, guidebook free to members. (November 2005)

Readers discuss orthopedists and internists, MKSAP, and the rising costs of physician services. (October 2005)

MKSAP 13 Update now available. (October 2005)

ACP Foundation offers free patient "HEALTH TiPS" cards. (September 2005)

College releases video of "Internal Medicine Report" highlights. (September 2005)

Free patient education video focuses on African-American health. (July-August 2005)

"Ethics Manual" now available. (May 2005)

New patient education brochures on heart failure and AIDS. (April 2005)

Coming next month: recertification credit for new MKSAP-13 modules. (March 2005)

Online HIPAA help. (March 2005)

College expands online recertification resources. (January-February 2005)

What's new in PIER. (December 2004)

New College brochures educate patients on heartburn and cholesterol. (November 2004)

Free patient education videos benefit minority groups. (November 2004)

College offers support in completing ABIM diabetes module. (October 2004)

College alliance can help you boost your lab profits
A recent alliance between ACP and a national lab accreditation organization can help College members improve the quality of their in-office labs. (September 2004)

New College service helps members select office software
ACP members can now get free summary evaluations of office software products. (September 2004)

What's new in PIER. (April 2004)

New ACP catalog now available. (March 2004)

New ACP Medicine reference text released. (March 2004)

What's new in PIER. (March 2004)

New ACP brochure educates patients on the risk of stroke. (November 2003)

New MKSAP for Students offers help for clerkships. (October 2003)

Free patient videos target minority groups. (October 2003)

Free patient videos target minority groups
Give patients advice on common health issues among various racial and ethnic groups in America. (September 2003)

Free pocket guide helps physicians detect chemical terrorism (April 2003)

Three new videos teach clinical skills (April 2003)

Resources to help your practice (September 2002)

Correction to bioterrorism guide (September 2002)




College products: PIER

PIER on PDA transitions to new enhanced program. (January-February 2006)

What's new in PIER. (July-August 2005)



College staff

John Tooker, FACP, named one of health care’s 100 most powerful

ACP Executive Vice President and CEO John Tooker, FACP, MBA, has been named one of Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare.” As the health care debate has gained momentum, Dr. Tooker has increased commitments to national forums, including congressional hearings and legislator panels, to ensure that the views of internists are heard. More

Internist named to help lead College's quality and advocacy efforts. (March 2005)

College names Harvard professor as new SVP of Medical Knowledge and Education Division. (January-February 2004)

New College CEO to focus on changing practice climate
Advocay efforts will target physician fee increases and access to care, along with practice management tools. (September 2002)

A look back at seven years of leading internal medicine
As he steps down, the College's CEO talks about professionalism, the merger and ACP-ASIM's future (June 2002)

John Tooker, FACP, named College EVP-CEO
The College's Deputy Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer will assume his new role on July 1, 2002. (February 2002)

College names new Annals Editor (March 2001)




Diabetes initiative

ACP launches a team approach to managing diabetes. (April 2007)

ACPNet recruiting for volunteer physician-researchers. (June 2006)

New College initiative aims to transform diabetes care
This massive new project—the single largest one undertaken by the College with a pharmaceutical company—is now underway. (June 2005)




New HEALTH TiPS helps patients with Medicare Part D. (December 2005)

Strategies to help tackle poor health care communication
Three projects are designed to remove major communication barriers between physicians and their patients. (May 2004)

Medlineplus project: premium information for patients
A new e-health project co-sponsored by the ACP Foundation connects patients with top-quality health care information. (December 2003)

ACP-ASIM Foundation to explore communication issues at conference (September 2002)

How the College's Foundation is improving medicine
The ACP-ASIM Foundation has funded 14 projects to promote goals from educating medical students and patients to boosting professionalism (April 2002)

Foundation update: grant monies at work
How one medical school is improving its anticoagulation care (July/August 2001)

ACP-ASIM Foundation unveils initiative to improve health care communication
The Foundation's "signature initiative," will focus on improving communication to boost health care quality (May 2001)




Governors meetings

Governor-elect election results

The Governors' Subcommittee on Nominations is pleased to announce the Governor-elect Designees. More

Governors-elect designees for the class of 2016

ACP announces incoming Governors-elect. More

News from the Executive Committee Board of Governors

ACP announces those who will officially take office as Class Representatives at the close of the upcoming Annual Business Meeting and serve in that capacity for one year. More

Medicare, P4P spark debate at Governor's meeting (June 2007)

College names nominees for ACP officers and regents. (November 2006)

Candidates for the Chair-elect of the Board of Governors. (November 2006)

Call for Board of Governors resolutions. (October 2006)

Governors lobby to increase fees for cognitive services
ACP Governors discuss critical resolutions, including several related to payment reform. (June 2006)

Business, quality issues dominate Governors' meeting
Leaders debate ways to boost physician payments, redesign primary care practices and retool audit procedures. (December 2005)

Fixing flawed payment system tops Governors' agenda
The Governors approved a wide range of resolutions, including several related to physician compensation. (June 2005)

College resolutions for spring 2005 Governors meeting are due Dec. 13. (December 2004)

Governors discuss Medicare fees, expert panels, more
According to the meeting's keynote speaker, the push is on to wire the nation's primary care practices. (November 2004)

Governors discuss recertification, electronic data costs
Governors recommend deadlines for recertification goals. (June 2004)

Governors approve steps on PAC, recertification, more
Discussion about recertification focuses on alternate pathways that would use a literature-based CME model. (November 2003)

EMRs and performance measures offer promise—and problems
Two College talk about health care's efforts to promote quality and how they may affect physicians. (November 2003)

Governors discuss attracting young physicians, more
The Board of Governors approved recommendations on attracting young physicians to internal medicine, recertification and physician advocacy. (May 2003)

Governors discuss drug switching, Medicare pay, more
The Governors advocate uniform reimbursements for inpatient services and prohibitions on selling physicians' prescribing data (November 2002)

Governors vote on reimbursement issues, name change
The Governors discussed strategies to improve physician reimbursement and restore a visa waiver program, as well as a new name for the College. (June 2002)

Board of Governors discusses issues including recertification, chiropractors (May 2001)




Immunization initiative

Coming soon: free immunization toolkit (February 2002)

Adult Immunization Initiative plans fall campaign
Campaign will focus on preparing for the flu season (September 2001)

Physicians value immunizations but need vaccine guidelines
A survey at Annual Session looks at internists immunization practices (July/August 2001)





Officer and Regent election results announced

Election results include the Chair-elect, Board of Regents, two new Regents and the Chair-elect Designee, Board of Governors. More

ACP program introduces leadership skills to young members
September ’08

College announces nominees for Officers and Regents (November/December 2007)

College names nominees for ACP officers and regents. (November 2006)

Regents name new Chair-elect. (November 2006)

Candidates for the Chair-elect of the Board of Governors. (November 2006)

College names nominees for ACP officers and regents. (November 2005)

ACP President gives Congress pay-for-performance recommendations. (September 2005)

At Leadership Day, payment issues, IT, top busy agenda
A record number of College members descend on Capitol Hill to discuss key legislative issues with their representatives. (July-August 2005)

ACP Regent and Office nominations due Aug. 1. (April 2005)

College members arrive in force to lobby on Capitol Hill
Physicians take top issues—including health care technology and payment reform—directly to their legislators. (July-August 2004)

Dr. Francis's new post focuses on minority access to care. (May 2004)

New Governors-elect chosen in fall elections. (April 2004)

College elects new officers. (March 2004)

New Chair-elect of Governors named. (January-February 2004)

Nominees named for College officers and Regent positions
Meet the candidates running for ACP-ASIM leadership roles (November 2002)

New College leaders to focus on access, recertification
The College's newly elected leaders share their goals for the coming year. (June 2002)

20 Governors-elect chosen in College's fall elections (January 2002)

Nominees named for College officers and Regent positions
Meet the candidates running for ACP-ASIM leadership roles (November 2001)




Member services

Specialty society a little-known perk of ACP Membership. (October 2006)

New College book targets screenings and prevention. (July-August 2004)

ACP offers savings on full MKSAP 13. (July-August 2004)

Benefits of ACP Membership
College membership gives physicians access to a wealth of clinical, educational, advocacy and business tools. (June 2004)

Need practice management help? Try new ACP newsgroup
A new online discussion forum gives internists in small groups a place to share their solutions to everyday problems. (March 2004)

New Annals Web site offers more features. (December 2003)

Database helps connect young doctors with mentors. (July-August 2003)

Hassle factor resources from the College
Articles and links to help you navigate common practice hassles (February 2003)

CCA now the Practice Management Center
The Center for a Competitive Advantage changes its name (March 2001)

Job hunting? Try the College's new online service (February 1999)




Membership information

Anthony S. Fauci, MACP, received the Presidential medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civil award, in recognition of his efforts to advance understanding and treatment of HIV/AIDS. More

ACP to partner with new risk and insurance services firm. (May 2007)

Renew your ACP membership. (April 2007)

Time to renew your ACP membership. (June 2006)

Reminder: Pay your chapter dues. (June 2006)

ACP revises procedures for ethical complaints. (December 2005)

College dues payment now available online. (June 2005)

Online dues payment offered. (May 2005)

Time to pay your chapter dues. (May 2005)

College will offer online dues payment. (April 2005)

ACP creates new affiliate membership class for allied professionals. (December 2004)

College launches "Recruit-a-Colleague" program. (November 2004)

Interested in ACP Fellowship? Get started now. (October 2003)

ACP is asking members to complete a brief census. (October 2003)

Associates becoming full Members eligible for discounts
A special transitional dues program can save you over $500 (March 2003)

ACP-ASIM forms new chapter in Japan (March 2003)

Associates on the path to full membership eligible for discounted dues, products (March 2002)





ACP launches operations in India

The American College of Physicians begins educational programs in India, consisting of guest lectures, training workshops and conferences. More

Nominees named for College Officer and Regent positions

The Nominations Committee of ACP places in nomination candidates for the position of president-elect, treasurer and other regent nominees. More

Internal Medicine Interest Groups announce top five programs

Learn more about the top five 2008 ACP Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) programs, medical students who meet regularly to learn about internal medicine and to establish communication with faculty. More

Readers express views on pay-for-performance, Web-based health records and universal health care. (November 2006)

Readers express views on alternative medicine, 'disease mongering,' and more. (September 2006)

Time to pay your chapter dues. (July-August 2006)

College's first Latin America Update draws international crowd of internists. (April 2006)

ACP seeks nominations for awards, Masterships. (March 2006)

College Regent and Officer nominations due Aug. 1. (March 2006)

Practices wanted for geriatric redesign pilot. (March 2006)

Governors seek member comments on resolutions. (March 2006)

Physicians encouraged to enroll in Special Olympics directory. (January-February 2006)

Discounts now available on Annual Session 2005 recordings. (December 2005)

College-supported organization offers volunteer opportunities overseas. (December 2005)

New free toolkit available to help fight meningitis. (December 2005)

Free diabetes management tools. (October 2005)

New online editorial targets information technology. (September 2005)

College urges payment reform to protect patient access. (September 2005)

ACP backs benzodiazepines as part of drug benefit. (September 2005)

ACP announces this year's Recruit-a-Colleague winner. (June 2005)

Call for fall 2005 Governors resolutions. (May 2005)

Technology firm issues top-20 EMR report. (May 2005)

Group visits: Are they right for your practice? (May 2005)

ACP Services PAC: A growing force for internal medicine
This political action committee was formed to support internists' advocacy agenda. (April 2005)

MKSAP now offers money back on ABIM exam results. (December 2004)

ACP expands content integration of College resources. (December 2004)

ACP co-sponsoring key information technology summit. (October 2004)

ACP comments on CMS' chronic care pilot programs. (July-August 2004)

Resolutions for fall Governors meeting due June 30. (June 2004)

ACP makes recommendations on new patient acceptance indicator. (June 2004)

Internists can take part in National Headache Awareness Week. (May 2004)

Chapters urged to participate in Leadership Day. (April 2004)

College lab testing service wins five-year government contract. (January-February 2004)

Internal medicine takes a hard look at itself during summit on revitalization
Leaders at a two-day meeting on revitalizing the specialty discuss ways to re-tool education, reimbursement and the practice environment. (December 2003)

College resolutions for spring 2004 Governors meeting due Dec. 19. (December 2003)

Chapters present 42 Laureate Awards. (November 2003)

ACP Observer wins three editorial awards. (July-August 2003)

College will take on 'new' name this month, but with a twist
On March 31, the College will once again be known as ACP (March 2003)

ACP-ASIM Observer receives five awards
Observer recognized for newswriting (September 2002)

ACP-ASIM honored for public relations efforts (July-August 2002)

New York Chapter receives heart disease grant (April 2002)




Public health initiatives

ACP touts Medicare 'buy in' to extend coverage. (March 2006)

ACP helps launch new commission to end health care disparities. (May 2005)

Chapter's success shows how advocacy can work at home
National College policy on ending racial disparities recently served as the model for state legislation in Florida. (Web Only)

How the College is helping Russian health care
The College's Eurasian Medical Education Program trains physicians who in turn train others (December 2001)

College works with program to foster volunteer health care
The College is working with Volunteers in Health Care to connect physician volunteers with groups that need them (June 2001)

College launches new clinical theme to help combat antibiotic resistance
New campaign will educate the physicians and public about antibiotic resistance and will develop guidelines to combat it (April 2000)




Regents meetings

A better Board of Regents for a better health care system

ACP’s Board of Regents will reorganize to meet the future needs of the organization. More

Nominations underway for 2010 Regents and Treasurer

The Nominations Committee has begun the process of seeking candidates to fill Regent positions on the Board that will become vacant in 2010. The position of Treasurer will also open in 2010. More

Regents and Governors News (January 2008)

Regents vote to require flu shots for health workers (September 2007)

Regents consider medical home’s business model (June 2007)

Doctors need extra time to treat patients with limited English (June 2007)

Regents outline new strategic plan at winter meeting. (March 2007)

Regents name new Chair-elect. (November 2006)

Board of Regents
Physician payment issues top Regents' summer meeting agenda. (September 2006)

Regents recommend ways to avert primary care 'collapse'
Board approves several actions targeting workforce, payment, care delivery. (June 2006)

ACP Regents approve new 'medical home' care model
Regents also weigh in on disaster relief resources for College members and practice tools for geriatric patients. (March 2006)

College leaders weigh in on quality payments, more
The Regents also discussed family counseling reimbursement, EHR standards and drug importation. (December 2005)

Regents endorse new performance measures, more
ACP leaders also agree to redefine internists' role and find ways to ensure that EHRs are cost-effective. (September 2005)

College leaders weigh in on upcoming Medicare reform
Regents also approve recommendations for retooling Medicaid and for offering CME online through chapters. (June 2005)

Chronic care, performance measures, top BOR agenda
At its October meeting, the Board of Regents takes action on a model of chronic care and new clinical guidelines for treating obese patients. (December 2004)

College leaders move on membership, technology
Regents approve several actions designed to expand College membership. (September 2004)

Regents address 'interoperability,' content integration
Board approves guidelines to treat chronic stable angina and a new position paper on professionalism. (June 2004)

Regents vote on PAC, streamlined Fellowship pathway, more
ACP leaders take action to simplify membership applications and consolidate clinical information online. (March 2004)

Regents discuss PAC, recertification, new parternship, more
ACP leaders approved a new educational alliance as well as measures that should benefit young physicians. (December 2003)

Regents discuss revitalizing internal medicine, more
ACP leaders look at action on practice hassles, medical student debt and reimbursement for telephone care. (September 2003)

A look at ACP's summit to rejuvenate the specialty
Board of Regents Chair Mary T. Herald talks about what internal medicine must do to save itself. (September 2003)

Regents approve online CME and other member benefits
Approved benefits include online CME program and continued free access to the College's decision-support tool. (May 2003)

Regents recommend work hour limits and tort reform
Regents approve policy papers on resident work hours and liability reform, and form a new subcommittee on volunteerism (March 2003)

Regents approve name change, new Annals content
Regents OK 'ACP,' adding patient safety articles to Annals, more (December 2002)

Regents to take final vote on new name for ACP-ASIM
After a lengthy process, the College's Board of Regents is getting ready to consider a familiar moniker: 'ACP' (October 2002)

Regents discuss performance measures, medical students
The Regents expressed concern about the proper use of performance measures and attracting more students to internal medicine (September 2002)





College posts revitalization information online. (November 2004)



Studies and surveys

Study seeks data on how internists treat the uninsured
A collaborative study by ACP-ASIM and the New York Academy of Medicine will try to identify how practicing internists treat uninsured patients. (February 2002)

Nearly half of College members say they use handheld computers (December 2001)




Subspecialty relations

Goodbye 'inpatient physicians,' hello 'hospital medicine'
The organization representing hospitalists has changed its name to reflect growth and changes in the field. (April 2003)

Subspecialty societies meet to discuss recertification, socioeconomic issues payment and regulatory issues
The groups met to discuss recertification and ways in which they can work together on payment and regulatory issues (July 2001)

Hospitalists elect new president (February 2000)



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