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Chapter Awardees

From the November ACP Internist, copyright © 2008 by the American College of Physicians

Chapters honor Members, Fellows, and Masters of ACP who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research, or service to their community, their chapter, and ACP. Awardees are physicians with a long history of excellence and peer approval in the specialty of Internal Medicine. In recognition of their outstanding service, these exceptional individuals received chapter awards July through October 2008:

Capt. Walter J. Coyle, FACP, San Diego, CA, Laureate Award
Lcdr. Mark L. Dick, FACP, Silverdale, MD, Laureate Award

Richard W. Carlson, FACP, Phoenix, 2007 Laureate Award
Robert M. Aaronson, FACP, Tucson, 2008 Laureate Award

Karl D. Straub, Little Rock, Laureate Award

California Southern Region 1
Neil M. Paige, FACP, Los Angeles, Laureate Award
Soma Wali, FACP, Sylmar, Laureate Award

California Southern Region 2
Lawrence K. Loo, FACP, Redlands, Laureate Award
Melvyn L. Sterling, FACP, Orange, Laureate Award
Ipesh N. Amin, MD, MBA, FACP, Anaheim Hills, Laureate Award

Steven V. Angus, FACP, Avon, Laureate Award
Andre N. Sofair, MD, Bethany, Thornton Award
Kevin D. Dieckhaus, MD, Farmington, Volunteerism & Community Service Award

Stuart Laurence Markowitz, MD, Member, Highland Beach, Internist of the Year Award
Asha Ramsakal, FACP, Apollo Beach, Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award

Cheryl Rucker-Whitaker, FACP, Chicago, Laureate Award
Walter S. Wood, FACP, Hinsdale, Laureate Award
Susan Thompson Hingle, FACP, Springfield, Laureate Award

Kathleen M. Sandness, FACP, Mc Cune, Laureate Award

Ardis D. Hoven, FACP, Lexington, Laureate Award
Stuart Urbach, MD, Member, Louisville, Volunteerism & Community Service Award

Catharine M. Cadigan, FACP, Bath, Laureate Award

Robert A. Lebow, FACP, Southbridge, Laureate Award

Fred W. Whitehouse, MACP, Detroit, Lifetime Achievement Award
Richard D. Judge, MD, Ann Arbor, Lifetime Achievement Award
Ponon D. Kumar, FACP, Port Huron, Governor’s Award
Thomas F. Alguire, FACP, Grand Haven, Volunteerism & Community Service Award
Mary D. Nettleman, MACP, East Lansing, Laureate Award
Boy Frame, FACP, Laureate Award, Posthumous

Harold H. Lurie, FACP, Springfield, Laureate Award
Jerry D. Kennett, FACP, Columbia, Internist of the Year Award
Anne Winkler, MD, PhD, MACP, Volunteerism & Community Service Award
William M. Fogarty, Jr., FACP, Volunteerism & Community Service Award

Jay L. Larson, FACP, Clancy, Laureate Award

Mark E. Rupp, FACP, Omaha, Laureate Award
Marvin J. Bittner, FACP, Omaha, Volunteerism & Community Service Award
Debra J. Romberger, FACP, Omaha, Walter J. O’Donhue, Jr., Award
Scott Menolascino, MD, Omaha, Dedicated Teacher Award

New Mexico
Ann Gateley, FACP, Albuquerque, Laureate Award

New York Upstate
Clara M. Ambrus, FACP, Buffalo, Laureate Award
Julian L. Ambrus, FACP, Buffalo, Laureate Award
Raymond Basri, FACP, Middleton, Laureate Award

North Dakota
Donald G. McIntyre, FACP, Rugby, Laureate Award
Nicholas H. Neumann, FACP, Bismarck, Laureate Award
Bruce Furness, Former Mayor, Fargo, Volunteerism & Community Service Award

Col. Thomas M. Koroscil, FACP, James S. Tan, MACP Laureate Award
Donald A. Underwood, FACP, Shaker Heights, Evelyn V. Hess, MACP, Master Teacher Award

Michael Weisz, FACP, Tulsa, Laureate Award

Thomas G. Cooney, FACP, Portland, Laureate Award
Sharon Anderson, MD, Member, Portland, HP Lewis Distinguished Teaching Award
Robert C. Gibson, MD, Member, Portland, HP Lewis Distinguished Service Award

South Carolina
James W. Adamson, FACP, Conway, Laureate Award
Michael M. Hawkins, FACP, Meggett, James A. McFarland, FACP, Award
Christopher P. McLain, MD, Member, Charleston, Young Physicians Award

South Dakota
Aman Khurana, MBBS, Member, Sioux Falls, Young Physician of the Year Award
Eric A. Larson, FACP, Sioux Falls, Young Physician of the Year Award

Tracey E. Doering, FACP, Nashville, Laureate Award
Mark D. Anderson, FACP, Chattanooga, Volunteerism & Community Service Award

G. Michael Vincent, FACP, Salt Lake City, Laureate Award
Mansoor S. Emam, MD, Member, Salt Lake City, C. DuWayne Schmidt Volunteerism & Community Service Award

West Virginia
Michelle A. Nuss, FACP, Morgantown, Laureate Award

Carolyn L. Bell, FACP, Madison, Helen Dickie Woman Physician of the Year Award
A. Kenneth Musana, FACP, Glen Allen, VA, Young Internist of the Year Award
Lawrence A. Golopol, FACP, Brookfield, Distinguished Internist of the Year Award
Curtis D. Radford, FACP, Larsen, Community Based Physician and Mentor Award
Ann M. Maguire, FACP, Brookfield, Addis Costello Internist of the Year Award
Lori J. Remeika, FACP, Marshfield, Volunteerism & Community Service Award
Senator Judy Robson, Madison, Legislator of the Year Award
James L. Sebastian, FACP, Wauwatosa, Laureate Award


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