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May Observer Contents

Clinical Medicine

Separating anxiety disorders from mimics and masks
Antidepressants may help, but these patients often need additional medications and therapy to help them cope.
May '07

Putting chronic fatigue syndrome's myths to bed
A new campaign aims to raise awareness of a condition that many say doesn't exist.
May '07


New Models of Care

Home health link helps avoid costly hospitalizations.
May '07




Solo doctors take aim at non-billable tasks
Time-strapped practitioners share their tips for working smarter instead of harder.
May '07

Conference Coverage

Failures become lessons learned in cardiology research.
May '07

Research News

A new risk for patients with chronic kidney disease
Mark A. Perazella, FACP, explains why a common MRI agent is suspected in nephrogenic systemic fibrosis.
May '07

For Residents

Most medical students get good news on Match Day
Internal medicine's filled positions edged upward but students still shied away from careers in primary care.
May '07

Practice Management

Qualify for quality: CMS offers 1.5% reporting bonus.
May '07


Practice Tips
Starting up: Make or buy?
May '07


Medical Technology

Handheld ultrasound puts diagnostics within reach.
May '07


National Trends

General internists are performing 50% fewer procedures than they did 18 years ago.
May '07


This Issue: Mandatory health coverage
May '07


Readers express views on virtual scanning, HPV vaccines and the state of medicine today.
May '07

College Watch

President's Column
Leadership Day: An opportunity to advocate for health care reforms
May '07


Washington Perspective

Is P4P the next great idea or a passing fad?
May '07

Special focus

Coronary artery disease in women
Evidence-based recommendations about care.
May '07


College News

ACP to partner with new risk and insurance services firm.
May '07

Chapters laureates, award winners.
May '07

Chapter Meetings




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