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July-August Observer Contents

Annual Session

Clinical Medicine

Doctors face new challenges of PTSD
As combat veterans seek care, internists need to know how to screen and treat.
July '06

Weighing the risks of anticoagulant bridging post-op
Experts debate how to interpret the data on whether to offer pre- and post-operative bridging therapy.
July '06

Research spurs new thinking on hormone use
WHI data have changed physicians' risk-benefit conversations with menopausal women.
July '06


Q&A: Heart-disease physician leads new research on genetics
Eric J. Topol, FACP, heads up cutting edge-search for connections that could alter cardiac screening and treatment.
July '06



Proposed changes would boost Medicare payments
The CMS is now accepting comments on changes that would boost E/M payments.
July '06

Primary Care's collapse tops agenda on Leadership Day
Members visited Capitol Hill to convince lawmakers that payment reform is critical to primary care's future.
July '06

Low-tech approach yields high rewards for Key Contact winner
Murli Manohar, FACP, received the College's Key Contact of the Year Award during Leadership Day 2006.
July '06

Your Practice

Investing in an audit can reveal costly coding errors
Here are some strategies for determining if you're choosing the right E/M codes and what to do if you find problems.
July '06

Computers & Medicine

'Slow and steady' the best approach to going paperless
Common mistakes include converting too fast and underestimating how much time and training offices need.
July '06

Wave of the future: personal health records on the Web?
Comprehensive electronic patient records accessible by patients and physicians could soon become a reality.
July '06

One physician puts EHR savings to work by hiring premed students
Mindi S. Garner, ACP Member, is reaping not only the financial benefits of her electronic system, but mentoring opportunities as well.
July '06

For Residents

Residents, programs try to finesse complex visa issues
Programs trying to fill slots and IMGs who want to come to—and stay in—the U.S. face many tough choices.
July '06


Physician Profile

Physician trades solo practice for locum tenens lifestyle
Despite missing long-term connections to patients, this internist finds hassle-free schedule a perfect fit.
July '06

Special focus

When patients complain of insomnia, the challenge for physicians stems from the complexity of diagnosis and the need to tailor treatments to individuals.
July '06



Readers respond to Observer coverage of Medicare Part D and outsourcing trends.
July '06

College Watch

President's Column
Who will take care of you and me? Facing that crisis.
July '06

Washington Perspective

Physician-activists make a difference on Capitol Hill
How can we expect politicians to work toward the interests of the public when so many of us have tuned out of the political process?
July '06

College Briefs

New DVD, guidebook helps patients manage migraines.
July '06

Policy Briefs

ACP urges support for information technology funding.
July '06

College outlines plan for price transparency.
July '06

Time to pay your chapter dues.
July '06

Chapters honor award winners.
July '06

ACP's Annual Session gets name change.
July '06

ACP helps host update in quality, PFP.
July '06


The MKSAP challenge
A 53-year-old man with a recent inferior myocardial infarction, hpertension and type 2 diabetes needs to lower his LDL cholesterol.
July '06



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