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From the December ACP Observer, copyright 2003 by the American College of Physicians.

ACP board review course available on audio and video

ACP's internal medicine board review course, recorded live in Seattle this past July, is now available for purchase on audiotape, videotape, audio CD and DVD.

The course can help physicians prepare for the ABIM initial certification examination through the use of board-type questions and a discussion of test-taking strategies. A comprehensive syllabus and sample test questions are included.

For more information and pricing, contact Sound Images Inc. at 888-649-1118 or online.

Newly revised book gives meanings behind medical terms

"SARS," "nutriceutical" and "hospitalist" are among 300 new entries in ACP's newly released "Medical Meanings: A Glossary of Word Origins," second edition, by William S. Haubrich, FACP. The book explores the history of medical terms, tracing some back to classical roots and describing the recent coinage of others.

"Medical Meanings" contains more than 3,000 words and phrases. Nearly one-third have been revised and updated from the first edition.

The book includes common words and expressions such as "hangnail," "under the weather" and "hair of the dog." The reader will find not only etymology and explanations of medical terminology, but lessons in history and popular culture.

"The etymology of a word should never be confused with its current definition," writes Dr. Haubrich. Some words, like "amnesia," have retained their Greek origins, while "artery" comes from the Greek combination of "aer" (air) and "tereo" (I carry), and was the ancient term for the windpipe or trachea, not the blood vessels.

The 288-page hardcover book is available to ACP members for $30. Order it online or call ACP Customer Service at 800-523-1546, ext. 2600.


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