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From the November ACP-ASIM Observer, copyright © 2002 by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.

Max Berg, FACP, Chicago; University of Illinois College of Medicine, 1935; died May 3, 2002, age 92.

Leslie Dornfield, FACP, Los Angeles; George Washington University School of Medicine, 1963; died March 22, 2002, age 64.

William C. Grinnan, ACP-ASIM Member, Richmond, Va.; Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia, 1938; died April 10, 2002, age 89.

Philip M. Gottleib, FACP, Media, Pa.; University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1935; died April 18, 2002, age 90.

L. Harvey Hamff, FACP, Atlanta; Emory University School of Medicine, 1938; died June 27, 2002, age 88.

Brunildo A. Herrero, FACP, Lakeland, Fla.; University of Florida College of Medicine, 1960; died Feb. 28, 2002, age 67.

James A. Kaufmann, ACP-ASIM Member, Atlanta; University of Tennessee, Memphis, College of Medicine, 1947; died April 11, 2002, age 78.

Oksana M. Korzeniowski, FACP, Philadelphia; University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, 1971; died March 29, 2002, age 56.

James E. Kreisle, FACP, Austin, Texas; Harvard Medical School, 1942; died May 26, 2002, age 83.

Daniel E. Lester, FACP, Marathon, Fla.; Cornell University Medical College, 1942; died May 24, 2002, age 83.

Alan A. Lieberman, FACP, Palm Springs, Calif.; Rush Medical College, Rush University, 1937; died May 4, 2002, age 90.

Raymond A. McMahon, ACP-ASIM Member, Portland, Ore.; University of Wisconsin Medical School, 1937; died May 20, 2002, age 91.

Kenneth L. Melmon, FACP, Woodside, Calif.; University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, 1959; died April 8, 2002, age 67.

Kavita Mummaneni, ACP-ASIM Member, New Providence, N.J.; Guntur Medical College, Nagarjuna University, 1995; died Dec. 28, 2001, age 30.

David A. Nathan, FACP, Bal Harbor, Fla.; University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, 1936; died March 12, 2002, age 90.

Robert L. Ohler, FACP, Winthrop, Maine; Harvard Medical School, 1941; died Feb. 1, 2002, age 85.

Seymour D. Ritter, ACP-ASIM Member, Levittown, N.Y.; SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn, 1955; died April 27, 2002, age 72.

Leo Rubenstein, FACP, Chevy Chase, Md.; New York University School of Medicine, 1935; died June 16, 2002, age 89.

Raja M. Sadiq, FACP, Danville, Ill.; King Edward Medical College, University of Punjab, 1966; died May 4, 2002, age 59.

Richard A. Serbin, FACP, Dayton, Ohio; University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, 1952; died April 9, 2002, age 76.

Jack M. Ulrich, FACP, Pittsburgh; University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 1952; died April 12, 2002, age 76.

Donald L. Warkentin, FACP, Boulder, Colo.; University of Kansas Medical Center, School of Medicine, 1958; died Feb. 8, 2002, age 71.

William W. Webb, FACP, Davis, Calif.; Indiana University School of Medicine, 1940; died June 22, 2002, age 90.

Simon Zivin, FACP, Hoffman Estates, Ill.; University of Illinois College of Medicine, 1942; died May 2, 2002, age 84.


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