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John H. Bauer, FACP, Columbia, Mo.; Jefferson Medical College—Thomas Jefferson University, 1969; died Aug. 20, 2001, age 58.

Robert E. Bolinger, FACP, Kansas City, Kan.; University of Kansas Medical Center, School of Medicine, 1943; died July 18, 2001, age 82.

Goronwy O. Broun Jr., FACP, St. Louis; St. Louis University School of Medicine, 1952; died Aug. 15, 2001, age 72.

Janette S. Carter, FACP, Albuquerque, N.M.; University of New Mexico School of Medicine, 1978; died July 15, 2001, age 49.

Herbert W. Coone, FACP, Woodbridge, Va.; Harvard Medical School, 1938; died Feb. 3, 2001, age 89.

Richard C. Cullen, FACP, Aurora, Colo.; University of Nebraska College of Medicine, 1940; died July 10, 2001, age 86.

Aaron E. Davis, FACP, Salinas, Calif.; University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, 1942; died Aug. 19, 2001, age 84.

Thomas C. Dececio, FACP, Cliffside Park, N.J.; SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn College of Medicine, 1933; died Aug. 1, 2001, age 91.

Victor A. Herrmann, ACP-ASIM Member, Palm Springs, Calif.; University of Nebraska College of Medicine, 1940; died July 26, 2001, age 86.

Richard C. Hofmeister, ACP-ASIM Member, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 1947; died July 25, 2001, age 78.

Stephen Klosterman, ACP-ASIM Member, Welsey Chapel, Fla.; Wright State University School of Medicine, 1996; died Aug. 20, 2001, age 37.

Tracy Levy, FACP, Merritt Island, Fla.; Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine, 1939; died July 12, 2001, age 84.

Robert I. Lubin, FACP, Tulsa, Okla.; University of Iowa College of Medicine, 1949; died June 6, 2001, age 75.

Richard S. Marrus, ACP-ASIM Member, Cohoes, N.Y.; SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn, College of Medicine, 1971; died July 1, 2001, age 54.

Regina M. McGinn, FACP, Staten Island, N.Y.; SUNY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn, College of Medicine, 1983; died Aug. 26, 2001, age 43.

Samuel Morrison, FACP, Baltimore; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1929; died April 24, 2001, age 97.

Dilsukh V. Raninga, FACP, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Government Medical College, Baroda University, 1972; died July 10, 2001, age 52.

Robert J. Whipple, ACP-ASIM Member, Lafayette, Calif.; Cornell University Medical College, 1939; died Aug. 12, 2001, age 87.


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