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College to honor physicians and organizations for service

The College recently announced that it will honor the following individuals at Convocation Ceremony at this year's Annual Session in Philadelphia:

John Phillips Memorial Award
for Outstanding Work in
Clinical Medicine

John A. Benson Jr., MACP

As president of the American Board of Internal Medicine from 1975-91, Dr. Benson helped maintain standards of excellence in the profession and fostered the demonstration and evaluation of humanism in internal medicine.

James D. Bruce Memorial Award
for Distinguished Contributions
in Preventive Medicine

Nanette K. Wenger, MACP

Dr. Wenger is a pioneer and international authority on cardiac rehabilitation, ambulatory monitoring, quality-of-life issues and women's cardiovascular health.

Alfred Stengel Memorial Award for
Outstanding Service to the American
College of Physicians-American
Society of Internal Medicine

Gerald E. Thomson, MACP

In addition to having a long tenure with the College that included serving as President, Dr. Thomson is known for his work in the field of hypertension and has received numerous awards for his teaching skills.

American College of
Physicians-American Society of
Internal Medicine Award for
Outstanding Work in Science as
Related to Medicine

François M. Abboud, MACP

Dr. Abboud has made a number of milestone contributions to internal medicine, specifically in the area of the delineation of autonomic control of circulation.

Edward R. Loveland Memorial
Award for a Distinguished
Contribution in the Health Field

Shriners Hospitals for Children

This Tampa, Fla.-based organization has specialized in orthopedics, spinal cord injury and burn care for children and their families for 75 years. All care is free of charge.

William C. Menninger Memorial
Award for Distinguished Contributions to the
Science of Mental Health

Charles Nemeroff, MD

Dr. Nemeroff's pioneering work represents the integration of basic neuroscience research and pathophysiology with clinical practice.

American College of Physicians-American Society
of Internal Medicine
Distinguished Teacher Award

Thomas E. Andreoli, MACP

As one of the most senior department-of-medicine chairs in the United States, Dr. Andreoli has served as the principal mentor for many of this country's health care leaders.

Richard and Hinda Rosenthal
Foundation Awards

Kathy Johnson Neely, ACP-ASIM Member

Dr. Neely has spent 13 years coordinating hospice activities at Northwestern University Medical School and 12 years at Deborah's Place, a shelter for abused and homeless women.

Bridging the Gaps

This Philadelphia organization is devoted to health education and teaches classes on nutrition, immunization and proper self-care during pregnancy to the city's needy communities.

Ralph O. Claypoole Sr. Memorial
Award for Devotion of a Career
in Internal Medicine to the
Care of Patients

Bernard H. Adelson, FACP

At age 79, Dr. Adelson continues to care for patients at nursing homes and takes call every third weekend. He also runs an ethics program and a "great books" program for a local residency program.

Nicholas E. Davies Memorial
Scholar Award for Scholarly
Activities in the Humanities and
History of Medicine

Abraham C. Verghese, FACP

Besides serving as a pioneer in the care of HIV patients, Dr. Verghese has earned a reputation as an author and lecturer who has helped humanize AIDS.

The Outstanding Volunteer
Clinical Teacher Award

Winston P. Caine Jr., FACP, Chattanooga, Tenn.

As part of his voluntary activities, Dr. Caine manages rotations for housestaff in hematology and hematologic oncology, meets with residents every morning and lectures interns and residents bimonthly on hematology.

The Oscar E. Edwards Memorial
Awards for Volunteerism and
Community Service

Elmer E. Huerta, ACP-ASIM Member

As one of one of Washington's most prominent Latino physicians, Dr. Huerta hosts several radio and television programs, has assembled a volunteer network of Hispanic physicians to screen indigent patients across the country and has raised money for indigent care in several South American countries.

M. Boyd Shook, FACP

As a volunteer, Dr. Shook has cared for patients in poverty stricken areas in Nicaragua over the last eight years and has organized Manos Juntas, a nonprofit corporation established to provide free care in Oklahoma City.

Joseph F. Boyle Award for
Distinguished Public Service for
Outstanding Public Service
Toward Improving the Delivery
of Health Care

Alan R. Nelson, FACP

Dr. Nelson has had a long career in medicine that has included leadership roles with ACP, the ASIM and the AMA. Most recently, he served as the ASIM's executive vice president until the ACP-ASIM merger.

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