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From the November 1999 ACP-ASIM Observer, copyright 1999 by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.

Governors debate tort reform, online prescribing

At its fall meeting in October, the College's Board of Governors debated six resolutions on issues ranging from online pharmacies to effective tort reform.

The Governors recommended that three resolutions be adopted at the upcoming Board of Regents meeting. The three resolutions, all proposed by the College's New York Chapter, call on ACP-ASIM to do the following:

  • Collect information from various state governments on the effectiveness of local efforts to address tort reform and periodically release a report making this information available to chapters and regions.
  • Develop a shortened application and accreditation process for CME programs offered by College chapters.
  • Work to make sure that the use of the Internet to prescribe drugs facilitates, rather than circumvents, the doctor-patient relationship. The resolution also called on the College to work to ensure that Internet prescribing occurs only when there is an established relationship between the physician and patient.

The Governors also discussed the issue of board recertification. A resolution from the Wisconsin Chapter called on the College to support the position that employment opportunities for physicians who do not seek recertification or who fail to become recertified should not be jeopardized. The Board recommended that this resolution be forwarded to the Board of Regents for further study and report.

The Governors also voted against the adoption of two additional resolutions, one from the New Jersey Chapter calling for campaign funding reform and one from the Florida Chapter requesting that ACP-ASIM amend its dues statement.

All resolutions adopted by the Governors are referred to the Board of Regents, which decides whether to make resolutions official ACP-ASIM policy. Coverage of the next Board of Regents meeting will appear in a future issue of ACP-ASIM Observer.

Chapters honor 21 internists with Laureate Awards

ACP-ASIM chapters gave 21 internists Laureate Awards this fall.

The awards honor College Fellows and Masters who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in medical care, education and research, and have provided service to their community and the College.

Awardees generally have been Fellows for 15 to 20 years and have a long history of excellence and peer approval in internal medicine

Here is a list of the most recent award-winners:

Raymond P. Miller Sr., FACP

Paul A. Dolinsky, FACP
Majaid Sadigh, FACP

Frank C. Bone, FACP
Andre L. Laz, FACP
George A. Bishopric, FACP

John T. Clarke, FACP
Holly J. Humphrey, ACP-ASIM Member
John F. Schneider, FACP

Robert N. Schimke, FACP

Albert B. "Cap" Hoskins III, FACP
Daniel Wiley Varga, FACP

Sidney Goldstein, FACP
Ruth Backus Hoppe, FACP
Tom M. Johnson, FACP
Robert E. Malone, FACP

Stephen C. Beuttel, FACP
K. Mohamed M. Shakir, FACP

John C. Sage, FACP

New York Upstate
John H. Sipple, FACP

Thomas H. Caine, FACP

Richard E. Rieselbach, FACP

College publishes new guide for medical students

The College has distributed nearly 25,000 copies of its new medical student career counseling guide, "Imagine the Possibilities: Careers in Internal Medicine," to medical students.

The guide gives medical students an overview of training requirements for internal medicine, along with frequently asked questions about internal medicine and a list of resources for new internists.

For a free copy of the guide, call Heather Cline at 215-351-2614.

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