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New Clinical Titles from ACP-ASIM

From the May 1999 ACP-ASIM Observer, copyright © 1999 by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.

Diagnostic Strategies for Common Medical Problems
Second Edition

Edited by
Edgar R. Black, MD, FACP, Donald R. Bordley,
MD, FACP, Thomas G. Tape, MD, FACP, and
Robert J. Panzer, MD, FACP

Staying up-to-date with the use of diagnostic tests is a challenge for active clinicians. Diagnostic Strategies for Common Medical Problems, second edition, meets this challenge by presenting the best diagnostic strategies for 51 common problems. These updated and revised solutions mark the availability of newer diagnostic tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging and genetic testing. Each clinical problem is presented in a practical format with key points, introduction to the subject, and diagnostic strategies. Diagnostic Strategies for Common Medical Problems is an essential tool for all health care providers.

674 pages, 1999, softcover
ISBN 0-943126-74-6
Product #330300380
Price: $45.00 (Members $34.00)

Coronary Artery Disease in Women: What All Physicians Need to Know

Edited by
Pamela Charney, MD, FACP

Written for the primary care provider, Coronary Artery Disease in Women outlines the important aspects of coronary artery disease with a focus on gender, age, and race. This book reviews what we currently know about women and coronary artery disease and provides a framework for integrating future knowledge. Chapters are divided into three sections: prevention, diagnosis, and management. Topics covered include smoking, hypertension, obesity, differential diagnosis of chest pain, bypass grafting, angioplasty, and psychosocial issues. A pioneering work in the field of women's health, Coronary Artery Disease in Women is an indispensable reference for all physicians.

600 pages, 1999, softcover
ISBN 0-943126-68-1
Product #330300570
Price $43.00 (Members $32.00)

Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure: Dosing Guidelines for Adults
Fourth Edition

Containing data on over 450 drugs, the fourth edition of Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure is the most extensive collection of drug dosing information for patients with impaired renal function ever published. Factors for determining drug dosage are given in easy-to-read tables. This edition contains additional recommendations for supplemental drug dosing during renal replacement therapies and an expanded Antimicrobial Agents section that includes many new antiviral agents used in the treatment of HIV infection. Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure is a comprehensive guide to understanding the biochemical and physiological effects of drugs in patients with renal disease.

176 pages, 1999, softcover
ISBN 0-943126-76-2
Product #330300480
Price: $28.00 (Members $21.00)

Expert Guide to Allergy and Immunology

The Expert Guide series is designed to provide the practicing physician with expert advice that is presented in a clear, concise, and practical format.

Edited by
Raymond G. Slavin, MD, FACP and
Robert E. Reisman, MD, FACP

Allergic diseases are the most common group of chronic medical disorders occurring in this country. Expert Guide to Allergy and Immunology addresses the allergic conditions most likely to be seen by the primary care provider. The Guide features illustrative case histories and stresses efficient, cost-effective approaches to diagnosis and management of allergic conditions.

236 pages, 1999, softcover
ISBN 0-943126-73-8
Product #330300180
Price: $35.00 (Members $25.00)

Making Medical Decisions: An Approach to Clinical Decision Making for Practicing Physicians

Richard A. Gross, MD, FACP

Never before have the powerful techniques of decision analysis had more importance for patient and doctor. Advances in medicine have increased the diagnostic and treatment options, which in turn has raised the level of uncertainty for the practitioner. By translating the major principles of medical decision making into clinically relevant and easy-to-understand concepts, Making Medical Decisions teaches the reader how to feel confident about giving the best advice in the face of the inherent uncertainties of real-world medicine. Written in a conversational style, with technical sections isolated for optional reference, Making Medical Decisions is a medical decision book for all practicing physicians.

119 pages, 1999, softcover
ISBN 0-943126-75-4
Product #330300780
Price: $18.00 (Members $14.00)

Mechanical Ventilation Manual

Edited by
Suhail Raoof, MD, FACP, and
Faroque A. Kahn, MD, FACP

Based on a highly successful workshop at Annual Session, Mechanical Ventilation Manual is a valuable reference that answers the clinically important questions faced while putting patients on, and weaning them from, mechanical ventilation. Designed for easy use, the Manual is divided into three sections: Why Ventilate?, How to Ventilate, and Problems During Mechanical Ventilation. It contains many useful tables, figures, graphs, and algorithms, as well as an appendix with case studies and a self-assessment test. Mechanical Ventilation Manual is a detailed, highly practical guide to this important, life-saving medical intervention. It is an essential reference for anyone involved in the mechanical ventilation of patients.

186 pages, 1998, softcover
ISBN 0-943126-57-6
Product #330300460
Price $40.00 (Members $30.00)

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