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From the December 1998 ACP-ASIM Observer, copyright © 1998 by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.

Wanted: volunteers for new College project

The College is looking for physician volunteers for a new research project that will examine how physicians put cutting-edge clinical therapies into practice.

The practice-based research project will look at how physicians treat diabetes, congestive heart failure, asthma and coronary heart disease risk factors, and how they administer warfarin. The research project is intended to explore why some physicians choose to use their own treatment options and will try to close the gap between "best practice" and physician behavior.

The study, which will protect patient confidentiality and physician anonymity, will ask volunteer physicians to periodically supply information about how they practice. Some of the tools the study will use were developed by a physician advisory group working with ASIM's Internal Medicine Center to Advance Research and Education (IMCARE).

The College will provide feedback to participating physicians so that they may share their responses with others in the study and their colleagues. "Ultimately, we hope that this project will raise the quality of a physician's practice," said Christel Mottur-Pilson, PhD, Director of ACP-ASIM's Scientific Policy Department.

Physicians may qualify to participate in as many of the five areas as they wish. To participate, physicians must see at least 25 patients a year in each study area in which they want to participate. The College will be enrolling physicians in the study in January and February.

Hoechst Pharmaceuticals is funding the research, but the College will retain full oversight of the project. To volunteer or obtain additional information, e-mail Joel A. Harrison, PhD, MPH, at or send a fax to 215-351-2594.

Annals to change publication dates

Beginning Jan. 5, Annals of Internal Medicine will be published on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The publication dates are being changed from the first and 15th day of each month to establish a more regular pattern of delivery.

College honors internists with Laureate Awards

ACP-ASIM chapters presented 24 internists with Laureate Awards this fall. The awards honor ACP-ASIM Fellows and Masters who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in medical care, education and research, and have provided service to their community and the College. Awardees generally have a long history of excellence and peer approval in internal medicine. For more information on the awards, talk to your Governor.

Here is a list of this fall's award-winners:

Taylor Prewitt, FACP

Brendan Phibbs, FACP

H. Juergen Nord, FACP
Arvey I. Rogers, FACP
Cecil B. Wilson, FACP

Donald W. Hatton, FACP

Charles E. Dobbs, FACP
David E. Bybee, FACP

Ann Marie Lemire, FACP

Leonard J. Morse, FACP

Gilbert B. Bluhm, FACP
John P. Papp, FACP
John A. Penner, FACP
John C. Pierce, FACP

Carl F. Strauss, FACP

Ronald H. Smith, FACP

New York Upstate
Evan Calkins, MACP
Robert Reisman, MACP
Robert Scheig, FACP

Dale P. Murphy, FACP
Richard P. Lewis, FACP

South Carolina
James A. McFarland, FACP

Steven Lee Berk, FACP

C. Basil Williams, FACP

Joseph J. Mazza, FACP

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