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ACP's 1998-99 Board of regents and Board of Governors

From the June 1998 ACP Observer, copyright © 1998 by the American College of Physicians.

Following is a complete list of ACP's current leadership, including new appointments as a result of the College's merger with the American Society of Internal Medicine.

Board of Regents

Harold C. Sox, FACP, President, Hanover, N.H.
Robert B. Copeland, MACP, Chair, Board of Regents, LaGrange, Ga.
Whitney W. Addington, FACP, President-Elect, Chicago
David J. Gullen, FACP, Chair-Elect, Board of Regents, Phoenix
William A. Reynolds, MACP, Immediate Past President, Missoula, Mont.
Harold J. Fallon, MACP, Immediate Past Chair, Board of Regents, Birmingham, Ala.
James L. Borland Jr., FACP, Treasurer, Jacksonville, Fla.
James J. Bergin, FACP, Kansas City, Kan.
Oscar E. Edwards, FACP, Norfolk, Va.
Charles K. Francis, FACP, New York
Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, FACP, Atlanta
Robert B. Gibbons, FACP, Denver
Mary T. Herald, FACP, Westfield, N.J.
Cyril M. Hetsko, FACP, Madison, Wis.
Isabel V. Hoverman, FACP, Austin, Texas
Faroque A. Khan, MACP, East Meadow, N.Y.
Lloyd W. Kitchens Jr., FACP, Dallas
Michael A. LaCombe, FACP, Bridgton, Maine
Eric B. Larson, FACP, Seattle
Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey, FACP, Philadelphia
Robert D. McCartney, FACP, Denver
John Noble, FACP, Boston
Bernard M. Rosof, FACP, Huntington, N.Y.
Edward H. Shortliffe, FACP, Stanford, Calif.
Joseph Silva Jr., FACP, Sacramento, Calif.
Paul F. Speckart, FACP, San Diego
William J. Stackhouse, FACP, Goldsboro, N.C.
Sara E. Walker, MACP, Columbia, Mo.
Laurence D. Wellikson, FACP, Irvine, Calif.
Cecil B. Wilson, FACP, Winter Park, Fla.
Rowen K. Zetterman, FACP, Omaha, Neb.
Arif A. Nawaz, ACP Associate, Chair, Council of Associates, East Meadow, N.Y.
Brian L. Strom, FACP, Chair, Council of Medical Societies, Philadelphia
Jay S. Skyler, FACP, Chair, Council of Subspecialty Societies, Miami
Mahendr S. Kochar, FACP, Chair, Board of Governors, Milwaukee
Munsey S. Wheby, FACP, Chair-Elect, Board of Governors, Charlottesville, Va.
William J. Hall, FACP, Immediate Past Chair, Board of Governors, Rochester, N.Y.

Board of Governors

United States

Alabama—John B. Bass Jr., FACP
Alaska—Steven B. Tucker, FACP
Arizona—Michael Grossman, FACP
Arkansas—Taylor A. Prewitt, FACP, and William E. Golden, FACP**
California Northern—Faith T. Fitzgerald, MACP
California Southern Region I—James R. Klinenberg, FACP
California Southern Region II—Douglas R. Hegstad, FACP
California Southern Region III—Donald C. Balfour III, FACP, and Richard S. Frankenstein, FACP*
Colorado—Joel S. Levine, FACP
Connecticut—James L. Bernene, FACP
Delaware—Joseph A. Kuhn, FACP, and John F. DeCarli, FACP*
District of Columbia—Werner F. Barth, FACP
Florida—Jamie S. Barkin, FACP, and Andre L. Laz, FACP*
Georgia—Mark E. Silverman, FACP
Hawaii—S.Y. Tan, FACP
Idaho—Norman Zuckerman, FACP
Illinois Downstate—David E. Steward, FACP
Illinois Northern—Warren W. Furey, FACP, and John F. Schneider, FACP*
Indiana—Richard B. Kohler, FACP
Iowa—Thomas J. McIntosh, FACP
Kansas—Donna E. Sweet, FACP
Kentucky—Joseph G. Weigel, FACP
Louisiana—Frank Incaprera, FACP, and Gary M. Smith, FACP**
Maine—Leonard M. Keilson, FACP
Maryland—David B. Hellmann, FACP
Massachusetts—Stephen Pauker, MACP, and Jonathan Appelbaum, FACP*
Michigan—Jan Rival, FACP
Minnesota—Scott C. Litin, FACP, and Eric G. Tangalos, FACP**
Mississippi—Van L. Lackey, FACP
Missouri—Coy D. Fitch, FACP, and Warren Lovinger, FACP**
Montana—Kenneth V. Eden, FACP
Nebraska—John J. Hoesing, FACP
Nevada—John A. Ellerton, FACP, and Lawrence M. Lehrner, FACP**
New Hampshire—Frances M. Friedman, FACP
New Jersey—Bernard P. Shagan, FACP
New Mexico—Howard K. Gogel, FACP
New York Downstate I—Steven R. Gambert, FACP, and Lawrence L. Faltz, FACP**
New York Downstate II—Stephan L. Kamholz, FACP
New York Upstate—Paul J. Davis, FACP
North Carolina—James A. Bryan II, FACP, and Janelle A. Rhyne, FACP*
North Dakota—Robert R. Tight, FACP
Ohio—James S. Tan, FACP, and B. Mark Hess, FACP**
Oklahoma—M. Dewayne Andrews, FACP
Oregon—James B. Reuler, FACP, and Andrea M. Kielich, FACP*
Pennsylvania Eastern—Robert C. Aber, FACP
Pennsylvania Western—Bruce L. Thomas, FACP
Puerto Rico—Carlos H. Ramirez-Ronda, FACP
Rhode Island—Fred J. Schiffman, FACP, and Yul D. Ejnes, FACP**
South Carolina—David W. Potts, FACP
South Dakota—Brian T. Hurley, FACP, and Richard P. Holm, FACP*
Tennessee—Mack A. Land, FACP, and J. Fred Ralston Jr., FACP*
Texas Northern—Lynne M. Kirk, FACP, and William T. Belt, FACP*
Texas Southern—Edward C. Lynch, FACP
Utah—C. Gregory Elliott, FACP
Vermont—Keith W. Michl, FACP
Virginia—Munsey S. Wheby, FACP, and A. Paul Dallas, FACP**
Washington—David C. Dale, FACP
West Virginia—Derrick L. Latos, FACP
Wisconsin—Frank M. Graziano, FACP, and Susan L. Turney, FACP**
Wyoming—Daniel S. Klein, FACP

U.S. Government/Military Services

Air Force—Col. James M. Benge, FACP
Army—Lt. Col. Charles D. Bolan, FACP
Navy—Capt. Stephen C. Beuttel, FACP

International Regions


Alberta—Martin H. Atkinson, FACP
Atlantic Provinces—S. Paul Handa, FACP
British Columbia—David N. Ostrow, FACP
Manitoba & Saskatchewan—Allan R. Ronald, FACP
Ontario—S. George Carruthers, FACP
Quebec—Peter J. McLeod, FACP

Mexico and Central and South America

Brazil—Mario Geller, FACP
Central America—Rosendo Gonzalez-Gomis, FACP
Chile—Rodolfo A. Armas-Merino, FACP
Mexico—Clicerio Gonzalez-Villalpando, FACP
Venezuela—Ramon F. Soto, FACP

*One-year term begins July 1, 1998.

**Two-year term begins July 1, 1998.

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