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New ACP officers aim to focus on policy-making

From the May 1997 ACP Observer, copyright й 1997 by the American College of Physicians.

In their new terms, which began March 24, ACP's new officers want to increase the College's role in influencing health care policy, promote professionalism in internal medicine and strengthen relationships with other medical organizations.

President: Dr. Reynolds

ACP's new president William A. Reynolds, FACP, hopes to motivate the membership toward greater political activism on a local level. "Physicians need to work on creating a better health care system for patients, and they can do this from home" by talking with their elected representatives, Dr. Reynolds said. He also hopes that through strengthening ACP's relationship with other medical organizations, the College will have a greater impact on health care reform.

"We have to be active so we are not a commodity for managed care companies," he said. Dr. Reynolds, who is in private practice in Missoula, Mont., hopes to promote policy that counteracts some of the "excesses" of managed care by restoring access and availability to health care.

He also expressed enthusiasm about new opportunities for College members to perform volunteer outreach services. This year the College will launch an outreach program serving sites in the former Soviet Union, where medical care and supplies are sparse. "We are excited that with this program we'll be able to expand our international scope" and educational scope, Dr. Reynolds said. The program is funded by the Institute of Health Policy Analysis.

Chair, Board of Regents: Dr. Fallon

In his new position, Harold J. Fallon, MACP, hopes to strengthen the relationship between internal medicine generalists and subspecialists in promoting health and public policy issues, including access to health care, physician workforce, tobacco and gun violence. "ACP will be an increasingly important vehicle for developing ethical, professional and health policy decisions," Dr. Fallon said. As with Dr. Reynolds, he feels these goals can be best accomplished by working with other medical associations.

As a past chair of medicine and now a dean of the University of Alabama School of Medicine in Birmingham, Ala., Dr. Fallon also hopes to involve ACP in developing new types of curriculum options for medical students and residents. "How can we educate in an ambulatory environment in a cost conscious health care system?" he asked. "There's a move toward ambulatory education, but the problem is that it's hard for us to implement."

Dr. Fallon also hopes to encourage the College's drive to increase public awareness of internal medicine. "I am a strong supporter of the campaign to educate our patients and the general public to the role of internal medicine," he said. "People are confused about what internal medicine is."

Chair, Board of Governors: Dr. Hall

William J. Hall, FACP, enters his office with three main goals. First, he'd like to concentrate on promoting professionalism in internal medicine. "During the past three or four years, the business aspects have been so important that we have paid a little less attention to our role as health care professionals and our obligations to society ACP and each other," Dr. Hall said. He said that professionalism is critical at this time as the College moves into its public relations campaign.

Dr. Hall, the vice chair of the department of medicine at the University of Rochester in Rochester, N.Y., also hopes to give the Board of Governors a chance to continue discovering itself and "its tremendous potential collectively." Because the Board meets just twice a year, "It's important that we focus on channeling our activities in productive ways," he said.

He also feels that the Board of Governors can help increase ACP membership. "I think we should make a concerted effort to encourage a lot of our internist colleagues to become members," he said.

Other officers

The following ACP members also took office at Annual Session:

Harold C. Sox, FACP

Chair-elect, Board of Governors
Jonathan M. Ross, FACP

Chair-elect, Board of Regents
Robert B. Copeland, MACP

Incumbent Regents (elected to a final three-year term that expires in 2000)
James J. Bergin, FACP
Oscar E. Edwards, FACP
Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, FACP
David J. Gullen, FACP
Michael LaCombe, FACP

First-term Regents
Mary Herald, FACP
Joseph Silva, FACP

Class Representatives, Executive Committee of the Board of Governors
Mahendr S. Kochar, FACP (class of 1998)
Capt. Stephen C. Beuttel, FACP (class of 1999)
John J. Hoesing, FACP (class of 2000)
James R. Klinenberg, FACP (class of 2001)

New Governors
Donald C. Balfour III, FACP, Southern California Region III
James L. Bernene, FACP, Connecticut
Lt. Col. Charles D. Bolan Jr., FACP, U.S. Army
James A. Bryan II, FACP, North Carolina
Paul J. Davis, New York Upstate
C. Gregory Elliott, FACP, Utah
Faith T. Fitzgerald, MACP, Northern California
Michael Grossman, FACP, Arizona
Lynne M. Kirk, FACP, Texas
James R. Klinenberg, FACP, Southern California Region I
Van L. Lackey, FACP, Mississippi
Mack A. Land, FACP, Tennessee
Joel S. Levine, FACP, Colorado
David N. Ostrow, FACP, British Columbia
James B. Reuler, FACP, Oregon
Ramon F. Soto, FACP, Venezuela
David E. Steward, FACP, Illinois Downstate
S.Y. Tan, FACP, Hawaii
Steven B. Tucker, FACP, Alaska

S. George Carruthers, FACP, Ontario
David C. Dale, FACP, Washington
Frances M. Friedman, FACP, New Hampshire
Frank M. Graziano, FACP, Wisconsin
Steven R. Gambert, FACP, New York Downstate I
Michael Grossman, FACP, Arizona
S. Paul Handa, FACP, Atlantic Provinces
David B. Hellmann, FACP, Maryland
Leonard Keilson, FACP, Maine
Stephen G. Pauker, MACP, Massachusetts
David W. Potts, FACP, South Carolina
Jan Rival, FACP, Michigan
Fred J. Schiffman, FACP, Rhode Island
Joseph G. Weigel, FACP, Kentucky

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