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ACP releases nine new books

Reflections on 'cold turkey,' statistics and more

From the March 1997 ACP Observer, copyright 1997 by the American College of Physicians.

ACP further expands its book publishing this year to cover topics such as community-based teaching and academic internal medicine, medical word use and the lexicology of medicine. Three books—How To Report Statistics in Medicine, Medical Meanings and The Illustrated History of Medicine —will be available at Annual Session; the others will be released throughout 1997.

To order a copy of any of the following books, call ACP's customer service department at 800-523-1546, ext. 2600.

" How To Report Statistics in Medicine: A Guide for Authors, Editors and Reviewers," by Thomas A. Lang and Michelle Secic, teaches readers how to report and interpret statistics correctly. The authors explain that even seasoned researchers are prone to make errors in designing and presenting statistical reports. The book includes descriptions of more than 350 statistical terms and tests. ACP members, $35; nonmembers, $39.95.

" Medical Meanings: A Glossary of Word Origins ," by William S. Haubrich, FACP, documents the history of more than 3,000 scientific and common words. Dr. Haubrich started collecting information about where words come from while in college and used his special interest in words as a study aid in medical school. The phrase "cold turkey," for example, comes from the "gooseflesh" appearance of skin during withdrawal from narcotics, inviting comparison to the skin of a plucked, uncooked turkey. ACP members, $21; nonmembers, $29.95.

" The Illustrated History of Medicine," authored by Jean-Charles Sournia and published by Harold Starke Publishers, puts medicine within the historical context of different cultures, religions and social structures. Tracing medicine from prehistoric to modern times, the text notes influences that have affected both doctors and patients. The book is illustrated with color photographs, reproductions and historical source material and enhanced by more than 50 chronological tables. ACP members, $90; nonmembers, $145.

" Bedside Diagnosis, 3rd Edition: An Annotated Bibliography of Literature on Physical Examination and Interviewing," by Henry Schneiderman, FACP, and Aldo J. Peixoto, MD, provides up-to-date information on physician diagnosis literature. Each citation includes a commentary that emphasizes the workup of particular signs. Available in May. ACP members, $19; nonmembers, $27.

" Community-Based Teaching: A Guide to Developing and Implementing Education Programs for Medical Students and Residents in the Practitioner's Office," edited by Susan L. Deutsch, FACP, discusses the benefits of teaching medical students and residents in community settings. Intended for educators, clinicians and students, the book addresses office-based teaching, curriculum development and financial issues. Available in September. ACP members, $18; nonmembers, $25.

" SI Units for Clinical Measurement," by Donald S. Young, MD, PhD, and Edward J. Huth, MACP, provides tables of traditional units, SI units, conversion factors and reference ranges for clinical applications. The manual includes a historical account of metrics in American medicine and practical guidance for metric usage. Available in September. ACP members, $18; nonmembers, $25.

" Lyme Disease," by Daniel Rahn, MD, and Janine Evans, MD, the first installment in the Key Diseases series, is a resource to guide the management and diagnosis of Lyme disease. The book, intended for primary care providers, includes clinical vignettes that make key points about the condition. Available in October. ACP members, $25; nonmembers, $35.

" Mechanical Ventilation Manual," by Suhail Raoof, FACP, and Faroque A. Khan, MACP, is designed as a refresher course on assisted breathing, particularly on getting the patient on (and later, off) the ventilator. Available in October. ACP members, $25; nonmembers, $35.

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