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A Look Back

From the March 1997 ACP Observer, copyright 1997 by the American College of Physicians.


"At the present time there are in medicine set standards as in the law. In law, laymen assert physicians can only order one pint of alcohol in 10 days for one patient. This standard entirely ignores the right of a physician to use judgment and the right of a patient to benefit by it, but this standard while preventing us from ordering more than a pint for a 300-pound man in 10 days, permits us to order the same amount for a three-pound baby in the same space of time."

—Hobart A. Hare, MD
Dr. Hare Says Unrest Is Breeding Danger,"
Record, April 7, 1923


"The medical profession now has it in its own power to decide whether medical service shall be governed by professional standards or supervised by politics—and the decisive factor is going to be the matter of medical costs to the public. This is the guess of Dr. S Marx White, president of the American College of Physicians, in his annual address before the San Francisco convention of the group...The single greatest cause of friction between profession and public is the matter of cost of medical service. The profession, because organized, has in its power to regulate costs quite rigidly, if it chooses. Dr. Whit's point is, however, that the public—through politics—also has in its power to deal with the matter. State medicine undoubtedly could be forced upon the profession if the people decided to do it."

Editorial , San Diego union, April 12, 1932

"Dr. H.J. Deuthel of Los Angeles, told his fellow physicians that men can fast much easier than women, because, he believes, the male has a greater store of sugar in the form of glycogen in his body than the female."

"Doctors Find Male Is Better Dieter," Los Angeles Herald and Express, April 4, 1932


A famed San Francisco physician today indicted the Government, Labor unions and lawyers as responsible in part for a decrease in the current quality of medical care. Dr. Dwight L. Wilbur, president of the American College of Physicians, spoke before some 7,000 doctors assembled here for the group's annual meeting. He warned his fellow physicians to guard themselves against 'third party' interference from any source, against anything that may interfere with the direct relationship between doctor and patient."

—"'Third Party' Feared in Doctor, Patient Relations," San Francisco Examiner, April 23, 1959

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