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Nominees named for College offices, Regent positions

From the November 1996 ACP Observer, copyright © 1996 by the American College of Physicians.

The Nominations Committee of the American College of Physicians places in nomination the following candidates for positions listed:

1997-98 President-elect

Harold C. Sox Jr., FACP, Lebanon, N.H.

Medical school: Harvard University, 1966.

Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital, 1966-68; chief medical resident, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, 1971-72.

Fellowship:Dartmouth Medical School, 1970-71.

Certification: ABIM, 1972.

Present position: Joseph M. Huber professor and chair, department of medicine, Dartmouth Medical School, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Current patient care activities: Direct patient care, 10%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Administration, 65%; research, 5%; teaching, 20%.

Previous positions: Assistant professor of medicine and, later, professor of clinical medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1973-88.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1983. Regent since 1991. Research advisory board, physicians network, 1982-86; co-principal investigator, physicians network planning grant, 1986-87. Program committee, Northern California regional meeting, 1983 and 1984. Chair, health and public policy committee, Northern California Chapter, 1987-88. Governor-elect, Northern California Chapter, 1988. Clinical efficacy assessment subcommittee, 1985-92; chair, 1990-92. Chair, education and career development subcommittee, 1992-94. Chair, ACP education committee, 1994-present. Chair, SVP education search committee, 1996. Task force on physician workforce, 1993-94.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: National Board of Medical Examiners, 1984-86. Chair, selection committee, Merck/SER epidemiology career development award, 1990-95. Editorial board, the New England Journal of Medicine, 1989-present. President, Society for Medical Decision Making, 1984-85. Evaluation panel, council for health care technology, Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), 1986-90. IOM oversight committee for the Health Care Financing Administration effectiveness initiative, 1988-90. Chair, 10M committee on transmission of HIV through the blood supply, 1994-95. Chair, IOM committee to advise the Office of Health Technology Assessment on setting priorities for assessment and reassessment of technology. Chair, U.S. Preventive Service Task Force, 1990-95. Test-writing committee, ABIM, 1992-94. Governing council, Society for General Internal Medicine, 1980-83. Association of American Physicians, 1990-present. Board of directors, Association of Professors of Medicine, 1996-present. Member, IOM, NAS, 1993-present. Associate editor, Scientific American Medicine, 1995-present. Chair, Federated Council of Internal Medicine task force to revise internal medicine residency curriculum, 1993-present.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Data analysis, graduate medical education, health and public policy, management, policy development (technology assessment and practice guidelines), publications, research, residency curriculum.

Incumbent Regent nominees

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order. The incumbents, nominated for a second term of three years to expire in 2000, are:

James J. Bergin, FACP, Kansas City, Kan.

Medical school: Tufts University School of Medicine, 1954.

Residency: Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco, 1955-59; chief resident, 1958-59.

Fellowship: Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, D.C., hematology, 1963-64.

Certification and recertifications: ABIM, 1963, 1974 and 1980.

Present positions: Professor of internal medicine and professor of family practice, Kansas University Medical Center. Director, medical education, Bethany Medical Center.

Current patient care activities: 0%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Administrative, 30%; continuing medical education, 20%; teaching and consulting, 50%.

Previous positions: Chair, department of internal medicine, Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, Denver, Colo., 1970-76. Assistant clinical professor of medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine, 1964-70, associate clinical professor of medicine, 1970-74, clinical professor of medicine, 1974-76. Consulting physician to Veterans Administration Hospital, Leavenworth, Kan., 1980-90.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1966. Regent since 1994. Chair, selected topics chapter of MKSAP VI, 1982-83. Chair, associates subcommittee, 1989-91. Governor, Kansas Chapter, 1988-92. Chapter regional activities committee, 1988-90. Nominations committee, 1989-90. Membership policy committee, 1989-91. Governors nomination committee, 1989-90. Reviewer, MKSAP IX, pulmonary disease, 1991. Executive committee, Board of Governors, 1991-93. Steering committee, access/health system reform, 1991. Vice-chair and member, finance committee, Board of Governors, 1991-92. Officer's remuneration subcommittee, 1994-present. Chair, member insurance and services subcommittee, 1994-present. Nominating committee, 1995. Chair, education activities committee, Kansas Chapter, 1984-87. Governor's council, Kansas Chapter, 1984-88. Governor's council, Colorado Chapter, 1974-76.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: Curriculum committee, Kansas University Medical Center, 1981-present; chair, postgraduate committee, 1981-present; residency and fellowship committee, 1981-present; housestaff liaison committee, 1981-present; internal medicine/family practice liaison committee, 1983-present. Executive committee, Bethany Medical Center, 1976-present; medical education committee, 1976-present; ethics committee, 1990; blood transfusion committee, 1976-present. Chair, continuing medical education committee, Kansas Medical Society, 1987-90. Director of clinics, Southwest Clinical Society, 1983-84; president, 1986-87. President, Greater Kansas City Society of Internists, 1982-83; executive board, 1981-84. Chair, education committee, Council of Medical Specialty Societies; finance committee, 1993-present; executive board, 1993-95.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Budget/finance, continuing education, graduate medical education, investments, program development.

Oscar E. Edwards, FACP, Norfolk, Va.

Medical school: University of Virginia, 1965.

Residency: Grady Emory System, 1965-67; Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Ga., 1967-69.

Certification: ABIM, 1971.

Present position: Partner, Consultants in Internal Medicine, Sentara Medical Group. Chair, community faculty, Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Current patient care activities: Direct patient care, 95%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: 5%.

Previous positions: Chair, department of medicine, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, 1981-84; president, medical staff, 1984-85. Chair, department of internal medicine, DePaul Hospital, 1976-78

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1973. Regent since 1995. Finance committee, 1994-96. Chair, membership committee, 1996-present. Community-based teaching task force, 1993-95. Educational policy committee, 1992-94. Ad hoc committee for governance, 1995. Virginia Chapter governors council, 1984-90. Governor, Virginia Chapter, 1991-95. Chair, Board of Governors, 1995-96. Program chair, Virginia Chapter meeting, 1985, 1988.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: Executive committee, department of medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School, 1994-present. American Society of Internal Medicine, 1972-present. School board, Catholic High School, Norfolk, Va., 1988-94.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Private practice, public relations, community-based teaching, general internist- subspecialist relationships.

Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, FACP, Atlanta, Ga.

Medical school : Emory University School of Medicine, 1983.

Residency: Emory University Affiliated Hospitals, 1984-86.

Certification: ABIM, 1986.

Present position: Private practitioner at Piedmont Hospital in general internal medicine with emphasis on women's health.

Current patient care activities: General internal medicine, 100%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Clinical instructor in medicine for Emory University School of Medicine, 1986-present. Medical resident training, Piedmont Hospital, 1986-present.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1991. Regent since 1994. Chair, ad hoc committee on women's health, 1995-96. Education committee, 1994-present. Nominations committee, 1995-96. Reviewer, MKSAP XI, women's health in primary care internal medicine, 1996. Participant in ACP/Council of Subspecialty Societies summit, competence, credentialing and capitation, 1994. National subcommittee on clinical practice, 1988-94. Advisory panel member, ACP/CDC breast and cervical cancer screening project, 1992-94. ACP representative for various conferences. Chair, Georgia women's committee, Georgia Chapter, 1988-93. Georgia Governor's Council, 1988-present. Georgia health and public policy committee, 1988-94. Georgia program committee, 1991-94.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: Member, subcommittee on clinical competence in women's health, ABIM, 1995-present. Medical care evaluation committee, Piedmont Hospital, 1994-present; primary care steering committee, 1992-93; board member, Nicholas E. Davies Community Health Resource Center, 1992-present; employee health committee, 1988-present. Volunteer physician, women's health clinic, appointment in department of gynecology and obstetrics, Grady Memorial Hospital, 1992-93. Board of directors, Medical Association of Atlanta, 1993-94; communications committee, 1993-94; strategic planning committee, 1992-93.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Private practice, health and public policy, managed care, women's health.

David J. Gullen, FACP, Phoenix, Ariz.

Medical school: University of Arizona School of Medicine, 1975.

Residency: Strong Memorial Hospital, 1975-78; chief resident, 1978-79.

Fellowship: Medical Psychiatric Liaison Unit, Strong Memorial Hospital, 1978-79.

Certifications: ABIM, 1978 (internal medicine); and 1988 (geriatrics).

Present position: Private practitioner with Phoenix Medical Associates Inc.

Current patient care activities: Direct patient care, 90%-95%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Teaching, 5%.

Previous positions: Full-time private practitioner since 1979.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1984. Regent since 1994. Chair, managed care advisory group, 1996-present. Chair, health and public policy committee, Arizona Chapter, 1994-present. Executive committee, Board of Governors, 1993-94. Chair, ACP clinical practice subcommittee, 1991-94. ACP gun violence task force, 1995-present. Governor, Arizona Chapter, 1989-94. Program committee Arizona regional annual meeting, 1985, 1987. Arrangements chair, fall meeting, Arizona region, 1984. Chair, spring meeting, Arizona region, 1982.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: Chair, department of internal medicine, St. Joseph's Hospital, 1989-90; professional health committee, 1985-89. President, Arizona Society of Internal Medicine, 1985-88. Class representative to University of Arizona College of Medicine alumni council, 1980-89. Trustee, Hill Foundation, 1995-present. Trustee, Flinn Foundation, 1989-present.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Private practice, physician-patient relations, health and public policy.

Michael A. LaCombe, FACP, Bridgton, Maine

Medical school: Harvard Medical School, 1968.

Residency: University of Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital, 1968-72; chief resident, 1971-72.

Certification and recertification: ABIM, 1971 and 1977.

Present position: Full-time private practitioner with additional time devoted to writing and editing.

Current patient care activities: Comprehensive internal medicine with CCU/ICU privileges. Office/hospital practice.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Two to three visiting professorships a year, about five days each. Fourth book published this fall, The Pocket Doctor, with fifth scheduled for publication this spring. Frequent contributor of stories, essays, vignettes to medical journals.

Previous positions: Visiting professor of medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1993, 1994. In past five years visited more than 40 training programs in various capacities.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1977. Regent since 1994. Associate editor, Annals of Internal Medicine, 1991-present. Publications policy committee, 1993-94. Subcommittee on Library for the Internist, 1993-94. Committee on credentials, 1994-95. Awards committee 1995; chair, 1996. Chair, Maine Chapter awards committee, 1990-93. Counselor, Maine Chapter, 1978-82. Program chair, Maine Chapter annual meeting, 1983.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: Board of directors, ABIM, 1991-95; committee on recertification, 1991-95; chair, 1993-95; committee on evaluation of clinical competence, 1991-95; committee on general internal medicine, 1991-95; hospital visit program, 1992-95; test committee, 1993 and 1994; executive nominating committee, 1992. Board of directors, Maine Heart Association, 1980-82. Medical director, Maine PRO, 1984-85. Associate editor, American Journal of Medicine.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Writing and speaking, private practice, graduate medical education of the general internist, test writing (MKSAP), publications.

Regent Nominees

There will be two vacancies in 1997

(J. Harold Morris, FACP; and Harold C. Sox, FACP); terms will expire in 2000. The following slate provides twice the number of candidates needed. Two will be elected from the four listed, one from the Governor Pool (current former Governors) and one from the non-Governor Pool (non-Governors or those who have been off the Board for more than four years):

Governor Pool

Mary Therese Herald, FACP, Summit, N.J.

Medical school: New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, 1969.

Residency: Cornell Cooperating Hospitals, North Shore/Memorial, 1969-71.

Fellowship: Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases, endocrinology, 1971-73.

Certifications:ABIM, 1974.

Present position: Private practitioner in internal medicine and endocrinology. Associate clinical professor of medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Member, Practicing Physicians Advisory Council, Health Care and Financing Administration, 1996-present.

Current patient care activities: Direct patient care, 90%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Office-based residency training and hospital teaching, 10%.

Previous positions: Senior associate director of internal medicine, Overlook Hospital, Summit, N.J., 1983-93; director, transitional residency program, 1979-93. Medical director, Community Health Services, Homes Care and Vaux Hall Family Health Center, 1986-93.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1983. Governor, New Jersey Chapter, 1992-96; secretary/treasurer, 1988-92; chair, regional meeting, 1990. ACP task force on violence, 1994-95. Chair, membership enhancement subcommittee, 1993-present. Membership policy committee, 1987-91, 1993-present. Task force on recertification, 1993-94. ACP representative to coalition for women's health, 1991-94. MKSAP X reviewer, 1993; MKSAP XI reviewer, 1996. Abstract reviewer, 1991-92. Nominations committee, 1992, 1993. Subcommittee on under- represented groups, 1985-87. Subcommittee on women physicians in the ACP, 1984-85.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: President, Camp NEJEDA Foundation, The New Jersey Camp for Children with Diabetes, 1985-87; president and chair, board of trustees, 1987-90; medical director, family camp, 1991-present; chair, camp committee, 1990-present; preceptor for resident physicians, 1976-present. Director, physical diagnosis course, Overlook Hospital, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1988-93; office preceptor for endocrine elective for residents and medical students, 1978-present. Coleader, young adult module, advanced curriculum on women's health, American Medical Women's Association, 1993-94. Coalition for women's health, Society of Advancement of Women's Health Research, 1991-92.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Graduate medical education, national health reform, private practice, program development, public relations.

Joseph J. Mazza, FACP, Marshfield, Wisc.

Medical school: Loyola University, Chicago, Ill., 1962

Residency:Mayo Clinic, 1965-69.

Certifications and recertifications: ABIM, 1971 and 1977 (internal medicine); and 1974 (hematology).

Present position: Member of the department of oncology/hematology. Chair and director of medical education at Marshfield Clinic, 1992-present. Professor of clinical medicine, associate dean of clinical affairs, director of postgraduate training programs at Marshfield Campus, and member of curriculum reform committee at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine.

Current patient care activities: 40%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Administration, research and teaching, 60%.

Previous positions: Assistant director, internal medicine residency program, Marshfield Clinic, 1974-90; vice-chair, department of clinical oncology, 1988-91. Board of trustees, Marshfield Medical Research Foundation, 1985-94.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1975. Governor, Wisconsin Chapter, 1990-94. Executive committee of Board of Governors, 1990-92. Vice chair, publications policy committee, 1991-1994. Chair, chapter activities subcommittee, 1993, 1994. Editor, Library for the Internist VIII, 1994.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: Chair, scientific program for Wisconsin State Medical Society in Internal Medicine, 1978-82. Council, continuing medical education, Wisconsin State Medical Society, 1978. President of ASIM/Wisconsin component chapter, 1982. Member of leukemia-lymphoma steering committee of the Eastern Oncology Cooperative Group, 1978-present, co-chair of leukemia study committee, 1993-present. American Society of Hematology, 1978-present. Editor, second edition of the ŇManual of Clinical Hematology,Ó Little, Brown and Co., 1994. Society of Clinical Oncology, 1984-present.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Medical education, clinical hematology research, rural health.

Non-Governor Pool

Joseph Silva Jr., FACP, Sacramento, Calif.

Medical school: Northwestern University Medical School, 1966.

Residency: Marburg Service Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1967-68; Osler Service Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1968-69.

Fellowship: University of Michigan Medical Center, infectious diseases, 1969-70.

Certification: ABIM, 1972.

Present position: Professor and chair, department of internal medicine, University of California, Davis.

Current patient care activities: Internal medicine and infectious diseases, 20%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Administration, 50%; research, 5%; teaching, 25%.

Previous positions: Assistant professor of medicine, University of Michigan Medical School, 1972-75; associate professor of medicine, 1975-80; professor of medicine, 1980-82.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1982. Governor, Northern California Chapter, 1989-93. Chair, program committee for regional meeting, Northern California Chapter, 1987. Chair, program committee for regional meeting, Michigan Chapter, 1981. Governors advisory committee, Northern California Chapter, 1985-present. ACP postgraduate education committee, 1989-91. Vice-chair, ACP nominations committee, 1992-93. Reviewer, MKSAP IX, immunology and allergy, and MKSAP IX, pulmonary medicine, 1991; and editor, MKSAP XI, infectious diseases, 1995.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: Membership committee, Yolo County Medical Society, 1984-present. Chair, study section for AIDS research, University of California (U.C.), 1985-87; U.C. AIDS task force, 1988-91; chair, 1989-91. President, Infectious Society of Northern California, 1992-present. California Medical Association board of trustees, 1995-present. Dean's advisory committee, University of California, Davis, 1993-present. Board of directors, Association of Professors of Medicine, 1994-present. Consultant, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, 1983-present. Board of Trustees, California Medical Association Foundation, 1996-present. Board of Trustees, Audio-Digest Foundation, 1995-present. Governor's executive committee for strategic control of tuberculosis in California.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Continuing medical education, graduate medical education, multispecialty medical group management.

Shahbudin H. Rahimtoola, MACP, Los Angeles, Calif.

Medical school: Dow Medical College, 1954.

Residency:In the United Kingdom.

Fellowship: In the United Kingdom.

Certifications: MRCP, (Edinburgh) 1962 (internal medicine and cardiology); FRCP, (Edinburgh) 1972.

Present position: Distinguished professor, professor of medicine and G.C. Griffith professor of cardiology, University of Southern California; chair, Griffith Center.

Current patient care activities: Cardiology and internal medicine, 45%.

Current activities in administration, research and teaching: Teaching, 50%, research, 4%; administration, 1%.

Previous positions: Chief, division of cardiology, University of Southern California, 1980-92. Professor of medicine, University of Oregon, 1972-80. Associate professor of medicine, University of Illinois. Co-director, cardiac catheterization laboratory, Mayo Clinic. Senior registrar, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London, England.

ACP activities: Fellowship, 1972. Council on subspecialties, 1985-87. Membership enhancement committee, 1993-present.

Appointments and activities in organizations other than ACP: Chair, circulation system panel, FDA. Member, NIH committees on research manpower review, cardiovascular and pulmonary study section and cardiology advisory. Chair of the council on clinical cardiology, Herrick Award, American Health Association. Trustee, gifted teacher award, American College of Cardiology. Cardiac surgery consultant committee, Veterans Administration, central office. Edited eight textbooks and authored 55 editorials, 96 book chapters and 310 scientific articles.

Strengths, based on training and experience: Graduate and continuing medical education, policy development, practice guidelines, publications, scientific policy, international education and relations.

Candidates for Board of Governors Chair-elect

Two candidates are seeking election as Chair-elect of the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors will vote on the candidates by mail-in ballot. The winning candidate will serve as Chair-elect in 1997-98 and as Chair of the Board in 1998-99.

The following profiles are listed in alphabetical order:

David B. Case, FACP, Bronxville, N.Y.Dr. Case earned his medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1968. He held an internship and residency in medicine at the Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1968-70 and a fellowship in cardiovascular-nephrology at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center from 1970-72.

Dr. Case is a clinical associate professor of medicine at Cornell University Medical College and an associate attending physician at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. He was elected to ACP Fellowship in 1979 and has served as the Governor for New York State Downstate I since 1994. He was a member of the executive committee, Board of Governors, from 1995-96 and was treasurer for the New York State Chapter from 1995-96. He will become president of the New York State Chapter in January. He has been on the New York State Chapter council since 1991 and has been a member of the ACP medical informatics subcommittee since 1994.

Mahendr S. Kochar, FACP, Milwaukee, Wisc. Dr. Kochar earned his medical degree from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, in 1965. He did a residency in internal medicine at Allegheny General Hospital from 1968-70. He is certified by ABIM in internal medicine and nephrology and has an added qualification in geriatrics. He earned a master of science degree in pharmacology from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1972. He earned an MBA degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, in 1987.

Since 1984, Dr. Kochar has been a professor in the departments of medicine and pharmacology/toxicology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he also serves as the associate dean for graduate medical education. Dr. Kochar is the executive director of the Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals Inc. At the Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Milwaukee, he has been associate chief of staff for education since 1979 and chief of hypertension since 1978.

Dr. Kochar was elected to fellowship in 1975 and has served as Governor and chapter president for Wisconsin since 1994. He is also a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London and Canada.

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