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Lupus presentation may be an ‘imitator’

Lupus presentation may be an ‘imitator’

By Terri D’Arrigo

Lupus can involve multiple organ systems and shares the same, sometimes nonspecific presentation as other conditions. But a diligent internist—an “excellent generalist” in the words of one expert—can pick up on the correct diagnosis.



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New technology

Virtual visits pose real issues for physicians

By Charlotte Huff

There could be 1 million virtual health consultations done by phone or video by the end of 2014, with growth expected in 2015. Observers are weighing the benefits of access against the potential lack of an ongoing doctor-patient relationship.



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President's Message

ACP's international presence reflects familiar domestic needs

By David A. Fleming, MD, MA, MACP

Internists globally share many of the same problems and concerns as those in the U.S., so ACP plays an immensely important role in influencing the growth, practice, and sustainability of internal medicine in many other countries.


Washington Perspective

Putting patients before paperwork, and playing Whack-a-Mole

By Robert B. Doherty

ACP has decided to once again take on the problem of excessive paperwork and other administrative burdens, including those imposed by the advent of electronic health records.


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Practice Rx

There's more to Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit

There's more to Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit

By Brian Outland

Clinicians and office staff can benefit from a refresher course about how to code claims correctly for prompt payment.


Practice Tips

Practice Tips: The 3 Ps of physician compensation

By Margo Williams

Performance, productivity, and profitability are the 3 components of getting paid. These elements all affect one another, so balancing them is key.


Test Yourself

From the MKSAP case studies

From the MKSAP case studies

A 68-year-old man is evaluated in the emergency department for a 5-day history of an asymptomatic rash on the upper back and upper arms. The lesions grew suddenly and are neither pruritic nor painful. The patient has had associated fevers. He has a myelodysplastic syndrome and has received intermittent erythrocyte transfusions, and he takes azacitidine. Following a physical exam, lab studies, and a skin biopsy, what is the most likely diagnosis?


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From the December 23, 2014 edition

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